Last Updated 01/09/2009

Better Rings & Amulets
Better Glass
Book Jackets
Better Staffs
Rusty Weapons & Armor
Fine Iron Weapons


This section deals with weapons, armor, clothing, rings, amulets, books, etc. These mods generally do not require any specific install order.

  • MEAT - Manglers Equipment n Ammo Textures
    Awesome texture replacer for vanilla Oblivion weapons, armor, and ammo. Contains high-resolution textures, which will of course suck up more VRAM. You should have at least 256MB of VRAM to use this mod.

  • Phoenix Amon's Book Jackets
    Amazing detail and character added to book jackets. A must-have for book lovers.
  • Grimbot's DLC Book Jackets SI
    More fantastic detail added to book jackets for Shivering Isles, with special attention given to the madness of the local inhabitants. Use this along with Phoenix Amon's Book Jackets.
  • Improved Fruits, Vegetables, and Meats
    This is one of the excellent texture replacers by mikal33. It dramatically improves the textures on some common food items. His other texture packs are listed on the World Textures page.

  • Kafei's Better Amulet Replacer
    Kafei's Better Rings Replacer
    Together these two texture packs provide perhaps the most dramatic improvements you can get for item textures. Bethesda's original textures for rings and amulets are just pitiful by comparison to this wonderful mod.  
  • Improved Amulets and Rings
    This is yet another addition to Mikal33's great Improved Textures releases. It replaces the textures and meshes for all the basic rings and amulets with great improvements. Conflicts with Kafei's amulets and rings mods (see above).

  • Kalikut's Better Glass Armor & Weapons
    Tired of that awful lime-green armor? There are tons of retextures for glass armor, but this one stands out as truly exceptional.
  • Better Staffs
    Dramatic improvement of staff textures. If you play a mage or even occasionally  use staffs, this is a must-have mod.
  • RustyItems 1.2 (rusty iron armor & weapons retex)
    FineWeapons 1.0 (fine iron weapons retex)
  • DoofDillas Potions Recolored + Addon (includes Better Potion Bottles)
  • CM Better Wine and CM Better Wine - Shivering Isles¬†
  • Glittering Prizes (not technically a texture replacer, this adds "sparkes" to gold, gems, etc.)
  • Female Finery Texture Replacer
    Requires Shivering Isles expansion. Texture replacer for the female finery dresses from Shivering Isles. Makes the black finery look black and the red and purple much more vibrant and regal. Also includes optional muted color versions for the red and purple finery if you think they are too bright.
  • OTUP Armor retexture and more
    The main focus in this set is to improve the vanilla armor textures -- with excellent results for most armor types (only Ebony and city guard cuirasses are not included). However, beware that this mod also includes some new castle wall textures that will overwrite some World Textures from mods like QTP3 unless you remove them. The new armor textures are the same size as the original Bethesda textures, so there's no performance cost despite the improved detail.


Kalikut's Better Glass Armor & Weapons
Book Jackets (high-res: 92Mb)
Book Jackets (std-res: 26Mb)

TES File Front
Kalikut's Better Glass Armor & Weapons
Book Jackets (high-res: 92Mb)
Kafei's Better Amulet Replacer
Kafei's Better Rings Replacer
Book Jackets (std-res: 26Mb)
Dark Brotherhood Armor Retexture
Better Staffs
RustyItems 1.3
FineWeapons 1.0

Planet Elder Scrolls
Kafei's Better Amulet Replacer
Kafei's Better Rings Replacer
Dark Brotherhood Armor Retexture
Rusty Items 1.3
FineWeapons 1.0


These smaller texture replacement mods may not make a dramatic difference in your game, but they are worth considering.

Better Gold 2.0
Better Looking Tools 1.2
Improved Soulgems 1.11
Dark Brotherhood Armor Retexture(makes DB armor darker)
Mikes Clothes Replacer
Better Beer Bottles
Better Potion Bottles Replacer
Intoxicant Improvement V2 (includes Doofdilla/Ceano potions)