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Starting out as a low-level character in OOO can be very tough. If you need tips on relatively safe adventuring locations, see this ESF thread for some great suggestions. Also, see the section on Making a Survivable Character below.


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Blank OOO Spoilers Map (Medium Quality, Progressive Scan)

Blank OOO Spoilers Map (Low Quality)

Complete OOO Spoilers Map (Medium Quality, Progressive Scan)

Complete OOO Spoilers Map (Low Quality, Full)

Blood Clot Cave
Some Sylvian Ruins (aOrb)
Under Pall Cave
Winged Bow Location
Grave Ground Cave (Dazu)
Credit Graveyard (in-game) (aOrb)


Adapted from a post by Arkngt

Lots of people have asked for details on how to start the quests in OOO 1.32. A Path of Iron is the only questline with a clearcut start - the other ones can be triggered on different locations/occasions. And generally, reading the notifications you'll find in cities would start you out on them. The one in Anvil would point to Shadows in a Struggle for Power and the one in Bruma to The Skyrim Bandit Clans, for example. Here are some more specific tips:

A Path of Iron - Triggered by trying to grab Melus Petelius' Claymore by his wife's grave in Brindle Home.

The Skyrim Bandit Clans - Read any of the imperial posters in Bruma and/or read the note on the desk in the West Wing of Clouds Temple. (Airwave)

Slavers and Smugglers - Triggered by discovering either the Nayon, Seran or Mars Punk camp.

Shadows in a Struggle for Power - Started by reading the warning posts in Anvil or stumbled upon by either finding the Dread Helmet in Fort Facian, killing Faran Hestarius at Fort Flecia or reading Hannibal Traven's writings, for example.

Note that there are other options for starting these quests, except Path of Iron.


by Showler
Doing the Mages Guild recommendation quests in OOO can be a tricky challenge. They range from Bruma, which is absurdly easy, and Cheydinhal, which is easy if you have the right spell, to Leyawiin, where you have to fight bandits, marauders, creatures and other Mages. OOO increases the disparity. Best thing to do is do the MG recommendations in order of difficulty: Bruma, Cheydinhal, Bravil, Anvil, Chorrol, Skingrad and then Leyawiin.


by MadCat221
OOO-modified Oblivion is a tough game, particularly so for low-level characters. However, oftentimes it's due to a character creation plan that wasn't well thought-out. For those of you wondering how to make the ass-kicking less severe for a noob character in OOO, here's a guide that will hopefully help you.

The key to making a survivable character for OOO is specialization. "Universal" characters don't do well, since their skills are too jack-of-all-tradesy (and you should know that the appendix to that is "and master of none"). In Vanilla OB, many often do what I call the "Major is Minor" class customization method, where they choose majors that they'll rarely use in the usual play so they can power-level. That WILL NOT WORK with OOO. In OOO, you need every ounce of skill you can get, and starting off with your "major" skills at Novice level will guarantee you'll get smacked down quickly.

Now onto the mechanics: Following the theme of Specialization, you should start off deciding which of the Big Three Archetypes you're going to play (to which the three Guardian birthsigns are named after): Warrior, Mage, Thief. Combination of any two will still result in a viable character (and is recommended, since diversity means more ways to fight), but combination of three results in a Jack Of All Trades mixture, which you want to avoid.

On Race:
I'll presume you know the affinities of each race, and which of the Big Three Archetypes best suit each one. Pick the one that best suits the style you wish to play as. Remember to take in to consideration their starting attributes, even between the two sexes. For instance, a Nord Female may make a viable Battlemage: if combined with the Mage birthsign, she gets a hefty 50 willpower (OOO mods the Mage BS to have WIL +10, and reduces the Fort Magicka to +30), which is a great boon to recharging your magic bar without aid. In addition to that, she also packs 50 strength (the only female of any race to boast that), and fairly nice racial skills conducive to more mundane means of combat. On the opposite side, the Nord Male doesn't make a good Battlemage because he can't start off with any major magic-based perk (other than the Restoration racial bonus). Nord males, however, still do make excellent predominantly Warrior-oriented chars.

On Birthsigns
Birthsigns serve two purposes: To shore up racial attribute shortcomings, or to enhance the capabilities of your character (either by further enhancing racial perks or by adding special powers). For instance; if you take a Dunmer female, her attribute shortcomings are in Willpower and Endurance. Taking the Lady birthsign will add +10 to those, thus shoring those up. For either sex of Orc, if you give them the Steed birthsign, you easily shore up their slothy starting speed attribute of 30. You could also take a Dunmer and give them the Steed birthsign, and give them an insane starting speed of 70, making fleeing enemies that are way over your head much easier (which is often with OOO especially in the early levels). Many of the Birthsigns have been altered by OOO, but keep the general theme of each birthsign. The descriptions have all been changed to reflect them, so read them all.

There are some pretty sneaky things you can do with Birthsigns too: the Atronach, for instance. The last thing you'd think of doing is giving a brutish mundane warrior a ward birthsign of the Mage, but get this: The Absorb Magicka 50% makes 50% of the spells cast against you ineffective, even from enchantments. Any warrior would kill to have half of the spells cast against him completely disappear. Another clever thing to do is give a Dunmer the Lord birthsign. This makes healing much easier, thanks to the healing lesser power the Lord birthsign gives you. The 25% fire weakness is easily absorbed by the Dunmers' monstrous 75% fire resistance, leaving you with a net 50%. Sweet, ay?

On Class
Now we get to the meatiest part. Obviously, custom classes are the way to go, so you can tailor your character.


Be sure to choose one of the (up to) two specializations your character will focus on. Obviously, a brutish Nord male would have no use for Stealth. Those with two categories of specialization may have a tougher choice. In that case, you can make a choice like you did with the birthsigns: bolster your existing racial skill perks, or shore up shortcoming skill perks. Using the Female Nord Battlemage example from above, to shore up shortcomings, you'd choose Magic, since Nords are all fairly well-off in starting stats in the Combat purview.

Major Attributes:
Again, bolster or shore-up. One major stat that I highly recommend selecting no matter what is Endurance. Endurance increases your health, both when increased, and by the amount added at level-up. Having a longer health bar has obvious connotations.

It's strongly recommended to have at least one "Kill Skill", or the skills that are capable of inflicting significant amounts of harm. The Kill Skills are Blade, Blunt, Hand-to-hand (which was un-nerfed somewhat in OOO), Marksman, and Destruction. I recommend at least one melee and one ranged, so you have the power to both mete it out and to stand-off. If you're going Mundane, Marksman is a good bet, as even one not skilled in Sneak can get a Sneak Attack X2 on a surprise first shot. However, Destruction is far greater in terms of damage per projectile, in spite of its inability to take advantage of sneak attacks. You will need significant skill in Destruction to take advantage of it, as it can drain your magic bar quickly. In OOO, the Blunts have been beefed up a bit, and offer their own shortcomings and perks compared to Blades. Blades typically have longer reach, quicker swings, and lighter pack weight. Blunts, on the other hand, do more rote damage, and also seem to have a higher chance of inflicting a stagger (at least it seems that way to me when bandits start banging me with iron warhammers) Hand-to-hand has received a bit of a boost in power, as its damage increases much faster and to a much higher ceiling. It drains fatigue with each hit as well, and is also the fastest of all melee attacks in terms of strike speed. It also weighs nothing in your pack.

After Kill Skills, you'll need some form of defensive skill. Th Defense skills are Heavy armor, Light armor, Block, and Alteration. Heavy armor obviously is the better straight protection of the two armors, but weighs a lot and can slow you down in combat too. Light armor doesn't offer much protection until leveled up, but doesn't encumber as much. Block works wonders no matter which you choose; at higher skill level, a hobbling strike could otherwise be reduced to a paltry hit to the HP bar by a good block. You may look at Alteration and go "Eh?", but if you do, you obviously didn't take the Shield effects into consideration. It may be temporary, but the armor rating boosts it provides weigh nothing and don't reduce magical effectiveness. In OOO, the Standard shield effect has a much more efficient cast cost coefficient, making it actually more powerful in straight armor bonus and duration than the elemental shields.

After that, the skills are pretty much your choice in terms of specialization. I do recommend either Alchemy or Restoration, as you'll be needing the healing powers of either quite a lot. Don't be afraid to make a racially enhanced skill a Major (like Blade for Redguards); that just means it's all the more powerful and useful in surviving the early levels of OOO. Here's a prime example of the power of such a choice: If you take an Orc and give it Combat specialization and Armorer as a major, you start off with 40 armorer, ten points away from becoming a Journeyman skill, and get the accelerated skill-up rate of it being a Major. With that, you can quickly gain access to the Ayleid Meteoric Iron Weapons very early (as they're expensive as hell to repair at a shop), making early levels much easier when you wield their awesomely powerful enchantments upon your foes. Just be sure you keep the soulgems flowing.

Parting words
Feel free to roleplay your character. If you want to, you can use the "advskill" console command, and increase your skills one by one until you level up (for whatever RP purpose). Just be sure to level-up some Minor Skills too, or else you won't properly simulate a natural level-up and get crummy attribute increases. Or, you could "hybridize" your characters race; My favorite battlemage Annika the Arcane is from a Nord mother and a Breton father; Using the console and my Construction Set modding skills, I set her race to be Nord, then I gave her an additional +10 intelligence, and made a special "Nord/Breton Hybrid" ability bonus adding 20% Resist Magic and Fortify Magicka +20. I chose Nord as the basis, because in TES lore, a hybrid child is predominantly like the race of its mother, but elements of the father's race persist in a diluted state (case-in-point: Agronak gro-Malog).


You may have trouble fighting the Ethereal Warriors. Understandably so, they're immune to normal damage (unless the weapon is otherwise ignorant of that resistance), fire, and frost. However, they have one fatal weakness: shock. They are MASSIVELY vulnerable to shock damage. If you're a mage with some Destruction talent, you can bowl those punks over quite quickly with some liberal application of shock damage attacks (although it's risky because they could bounce it back at you). However, for those of you not skilled in Destruction, there are other ways... the Meteoric Iron Weapons. Not only do they deal quite a bit of shock damage from a strike enchant, but they also have an added benefit of exacerbating the shock weakness for the next hit (if you can get the hit in quickly enough).

Below are a list of general locations of "hidden" meteoric iron weapons with shock damage enchants. No specifics; I gotta leave SOME challenge in finding them for you guys! Be informed that, because they've languisned for aeons, their enchantment energy has slowly seeped out, and the weapons themselves aren't in good condition. You'll need soul gems to replenish them (though they'll have some energy in them), and you'll need Journeyman armorer skill (as repairing them at a shop is horrendously expensive, and they're rather frail weapons to begin with).

Malatta Gorimacil (longsword/scimitar): Rielle

Gah Malatta Volenmaica (2H Battle axe): Veyond

Malatta Andavar (Stave): Atatar

Malatta Quinga (Bow): Hame, Leyawiin FG Hall (Guardian rank or higher*)

Malatta Maicatulwe (Glaive): Atatar (again)

Gah Malatta Volenbal (Greatmace): The Umbacano Collection

Malatta Volenbal (Regular mace): Cheydinhal FG hall (Guardian rank or higher*)

Go forth, and slash/bash those ethereal pains in the posterior, AYLEID STYLE!

* = You must be Guardian rank or higher in the FG to requisition them legally... though if you can steal them, that works just as well.

Surviving Underpall

This is one of those areas in OOO that can really test you to the limit. The Spectral Reavers are brutal, and Fayth Noor is too. Since some players may need to get through the final cave to complete Knights of the Nine, some tips about surviving the area are in order. There is a way to survive!

If you can, bring one of the weapons already mentioned or some other fairly good shock-enchanted weapon. This will dramatically improve your chances of taking out the Spectral Reavers before Fayth Noor blasts you to bits. If you don't have one of the above items (or similar), then there's still hope.
If you enter on the left side of the large cavern and either sneak or make a mad dash for the wooden dock on the edge of the pool, you can dive down to the bottom there and find a very good Ayleid meteoric iron axe with strong shock damage and weakness to shock effects. This should at least give you a fighting chance.

As an added benefit, this move will probably lure some of the guardians into the water after you. If you can climb back out quickly after retrieving the axe, then you may buy yourself some time before they can regroup to mob you.



Q. When I pull out my sword, my torch flies out of my hand onto the ground. Is this supposed to happen? Also, there is a torch in my inventory with the words "Hot Key" surrounding it and the torches themselves have no name. Is that normal?

This is very much by design and one of the greatest immersion enhancers in OOO. Understanding how it works can help you survive when things get dark and dangerous at the same time!

The OOO version of Drop Lit Torches saves you a huge amount of fiddling in your inventory. To make use of this feature, you'll need to set a hotkey for the inventory item called Hot Key Torch.

Now, when you first get into a dark area of some dungeon, sheath your weapon and hit the hotkey for the Hot Key Torch. It auto-equips equips a torch so you can see your way through the dark.

When you encounter some nasty critters, you draw your weapon and automatically drop your torch on the ground so you can still see during the fight! Smart move! When you're done fighting, sheath your weapon, then pick up the torch and it auto-equips so you can continue on. If you already have a weapon out and want to shed some more light on the situation, just hit the hotkey for the Hot Key Torch and it will drop another torch on the ground.

All that without ever having to open your inventory! Simply brilliant!


***Note 1: Anywhere that says something along the lines of, type "player.addItem 01234567" into the console, means to type what's in the quotes and not the quotes themselves.

***Note 2: When any item/NPC/etc. hexcode is given to you in the form XX012345, the XX represents the order in which you load OOO.

Q: How do I wear braided armor?
A: You must retrieve the green gem from Narind.

Q: Where are the ruins of Narind
A: Located near the "L" of Anvil. (LordJBeckman)

Q: How do I use ghost/spectral weapons?
A: First collect the green gem from Narind. Next kill the boss of Yeleri and get his armor. Now head to Fort Facian to get the helmet. Lastly put the armor on and you'll now be able to use ghost/spectral weapons. (LordJBeckman + EbonKnight)

Q: What is the Dread Armor/Where is the Dread Armor located?
A: Dread Armor is heavy armor, which when you wear the full set, enables you to wield ghost/spectral weapons. See above question for location.

Q: Why can't I use ghost/spectral weapons while wearing my Dread Armor?
A: First make sure you have all five parts on, then check the "Console Commands" section below.

Q: Where is Yeleri?
A: Yeleri is located in the corner of the map near the boarder towards Hammerfell towards the sea. Near the "T" of "The Gold Coast" and above the "A" of "Anvil" on the map. (LordJBeckman)

Q: Where is Fort Facian?
A: Fort Facian is located above "The Nibenay Basin" towards the mountains on the map. Near the A of Basin, head up towards the "O" of "The Valus Mountains" (LordJBeckman)

Q: How do I wear ghost/spectral armor?
A: You can't as of OOO 1.3. (Sotobrastos)

Q: What are Platinum Coins good for?
A: Selling/Collecting.

Q: Where is the key to the chest in Sideways Cave?
A: There isn't one as of OOO 1.3, use the console to open it for a very nice item. *Update*Key added in OOO 1.31, its located in White Gold Tower and can be found during the last mission in the Thieve's Guild. (AnvilTonge + Arbiter of Change)

Q: Where can I find Amazon armor?
A: See factions section below.

Q: How do I befriend animals/How do I get summon animal spells?
A: You must defeat Eregor at Yeleri. However, in order to find Eregor you must first kill Lareil in Narind.

Q: How do I join the Blackmarsh Smugglers/Shamans/Refugees?
A: You have to free the prisoners at Seran Camp.

Q: I've freed the prisoners at Seran and I still can't trade with the Blackmarsh Smugglers!
A: You can only trade with their leader, Eidkee Vshiir, who is found at Blood Clot Cave.

Q: Ok why can't I get Eidkee Vshiir to trade with me even though I've freed the prisoners?
A: You must accompany the slaves down to the cave. The script also checks to see how many survived so keep them safe. (Sotobrastos)

Q: What do the smugglers sell/buy?
A: They sell very nice items from time to time and will buy stolen goods. (Sotobrastos)

Q: Where can I find the Slave Traders?
A: Their camps are between the rivers Panther and Silverfish. See factions section below for exact camps.

Q: Where can I find Dragon Armor/Weapons?
A: Ri'zikar, Fighting Chance private room, Marlek at Ice Dragon Camp north of Hermaeus Mora's Shrine, and a chest in the Cheydinhal sanctuary of the Dark Brotherhood. (ATT-Spartan + Mazhaoshen)

Q: How do I recruit the help of Bosmer Rangers?
A: You can't really unless you bring an enemy to them or follow them on their raids. (Rage the Sage)

Q: Why aren't the Bosmer Rangers ever in their camps?
A: They go on raids during the day, try going to their camps early in the morning before they leave. (Rage the Sage)

Q: What is this Light of Dawn I keep hearing about?
A: Its a 2-Handed sword that is powered up every 100 vampires you kill (Note: You must kill the vampires with the LoD in order to power it up). (Reeeze)

Q: Where is the Light of Dawn found?
A: In Nornalhorst.

Q: Where can I find more vampires to kill with Light of Dawn?
A: There are tons of Vampire Dungeons you can find! Happy hunting! (dev_akm)

 Q: My Light of Dawn won't power up to its final level!
A: This bug exists only in very old versions of OOO. Its a known bug in OOO 1.3.0 that was fixed in 1.31. Upgrade to a more recent version (see here) or use the console to give yourself the last form.
Check the "Console Commands" section below for details. (Reeeze)

Q: Where can I find that book (An Expanded Excerpt from Vampires of Tamriel, vol II.) about the Light of Dawn?
A: There is a copy in Crowhaven where you meet Agronak's Vampire father (as in Grand Champion of the Arena Agronak)

Q: Where is Lord Volmyr/Vampire Boss?
A: Nornalhorst.

Q: How do I defeat Lord Volmyr?
A: There are multiple ways. Here's a few suggestions:

  1. Lord Volmyr might be resistant to magic, normal weapons, and have a zillion HP, but remember that the OOO traps are the deadliest of all weapons. It just so happens that there are some nasty ones right in his lair, coincedence? Or you could always bring him to the closest batch of guards and let them take care of him. (Errrrrrr)
  2. If you're a major magic user then you can consider using Mighty Magic with OOO.

    Using MM, at Journeyman Conjuror level, Level 10 character ... I was able to defeat Lord Volmyr. Though by the time I did, I was level 14 (just from fighting him).

    Basically, conjure an army of creatures. At Journeyman level I conjured: 3 scamps, 2 clanfears, 2 bears, a daedroth, and a flame atronach. Would have conjured some undead, but my character believes that to be "evil". When one of them dies, conjure a replacement. While that army is attacking Volmyr ... hit him with Spellfires when you have an opening.

    This was my tactic and, as I've said, I defeated him at Level 14. I conjured a LOT of creatures, to raise up 4 levels while fighting just him. The other vampires seemed sissies, comparitively. Not that I'm complaining! (WalterGR)
  3. Another strategy for Volmyr. Use a freezing grasp poison (found on some chests) on him and just beat him down. lol

    The poison silences, paralyzes and does something else. First time I fought him it took me about 20 minutes and he still killed me. I was looking around my poisons and decided to try it and it worked. He dropped to the floor and I beat him with Crimson Eviscerator (from Vile Lair) He was dead in less than 10 seconds. Now I always save those poisons for annoying named bosses. (deks)
  4. I have finally found a good use for telekinesis After a few foiled attempts at trying to retrieve the LoD from nornalhorst without alerting any of the vampires (well, volmyr had detect invisibility and chameleon), i went to arcane university and created a 100 feet telekinesis spell. Sneaking at the top of the stairwell , i aimed at the LoD on the altar and casted the telekinesis spell. Voila~ None of the vampires seem to notice the blade floating in the air, not even volmyr. (yiron)

Q) What does the "Arrow Retrieval" Enchantment on some arrows do?
A) It means there is a 50% chance of recovering the arrow.

Q) Where can I sell all of my very valuble items, I can't find anyone with more than 3000 gold?
A) You will never find a vendor with enough gold for some of the more expensive items (5000+), if you want vendors to have more gold, you'll need to have Living Economies running and modify a few variables (see "Console Commands" for the code to open LE customization menu).

Q) How do I gain entry to Fort Rayles?
A) Shoot the arrows on the stand at the glowing gems in the statues heads. (Rhekarid)

Q) Where is "The Lady of Embers"?
A) She's located in Fieldhouse Cave. (Dazu)

Q) Where is Fayth Noor?
A) He's located in Underpall Cave. (Prawn)

Q) What is Geomancy and how do I learn it?
A) Geomancy is the art of casting specialized spells and using up precious gems in the process. To learn Geomancy you must read the book "Report on Ayleid Geomancy" which can be found in several places, including the Arch Mage's Tower Lobby and in the Chorrol Mages Guild. (FasterThanJesus)

Ayleid Geomancy
List contributed by Dunraven
  • Amethyst: Geomantic Purity
    • Dispel
    • Fortify Intelligence
  • Copper Nugget: Geomantic Conduction
    • Shock
    • Damage Fatigue
  • Diamond: Geomantic Refusal
    • Resist Magic
    • Reflect Spell
    • Spell Absorption
  • Emerald: Geomantic Siphon
    • Absorb Health
    • Absorb Fatigue
    • Absorb Agility
    • Absorb Strength
    • Absorb Willpower
  • Gold Nugget: Geomantic Restoration
    • Restore all attributes
  • Opal: Geomantic Shielding
    • Fire Shield
    • Frost Shield
    • Shock Shield
  • Pearl: Geomantic Illumination
    • Light
  • Black Pearl: Geomantic Void
    • Spell Absorption
  • Platinum Nugget: Geomantic Resilience
    • Resist Poison
    • Resist Normal Weapons
  • Ruby: Geomantic Wrath
    • Fire Danage
    • Frost Damage
    • Shock Damage
  • Sapphire: Geomantic Influx
    • Restore Magicka
  • Silver Nugget: Geomantic Healing
    • Restore Health
  • Topaz: Geomantic Ward
    • Shield
Armor Locations
  • Dread Armor
    • Helmet: Fort Facian
    • Boots: Yeleri
    • Cuirass: Yeleri
    • Gauntlets: Yeleri
    • Greaves: Yeleri
  • Winged (Pegasus) Armor
    • Winged Helm: Charcoal Cave (Incorygible)
    • Winged Shield: Charcoal Cave (Incorygible)
  • Dragon Armor
    • The Dragon's Companion: Ice Dragon Clan Base
    • The Dragon's Guardian: Ice Dragon Clan Base
    • The Dragon's Iron Fist: Rizakar
    • The Dragon's Pace: Rizakar
    • The Dragon's Savior: Rizakar
    • The Dragon's Spellshards: Ice Dragon Clan Base
    • The Dragon's Skin: Dragonclaw Rock (theKettle)
  • Kelum Mor Dwemer: Bottom of the Maria Ellena in the IC Waterfront. (Dazu)
  • Noble Armor
    • Noble Shield
      • Skingrad Castle Lord's Manor, behind the bed.
      • Lipsand Tarn (theKettle)
    • Cuirass
      • Fort Flecia (theKettle)
      • Skingrad Captain Dion (Dazu)
    • Greaves
      • Skingrad Captain Dion (Dazu)
      • Dostares Ruins (theKettle)
    • Gauntlets
      • Skingrad Captain Dion (Dazu)
      • Francois Motierre's Basement in Chorrol (Mumbagumba)
    • Boots
      • Fort Flecia (theKettle)
      • Skingrad Captain Dion (Dazu)
  • Almalexia's Love: Sideways Cave
  • Erediath's Gown of Power: Lipsend Tarn (djancoek)
  • Erediath's Shifting Visage: Lipsend Tarn (djancoek)
  • Lhotun's Wish: Hidden Camp
  • Glow of Oblivion: Varondo Ruins (Dazu)
  • Fire of oblivion: Varondo (Dazu)
  • Blue Glass Armor
    • Cuirass: Thundering Steps Cave (Holmarion)
    • Boots: Mongrel's Tooth Cave (Holmarion)
    • Gauntlets: The Beast's Maw (Holmarion)
    • Greaves: Unmarked Cave (Holmarion)
    • Helmet: Fort Horunn (Holmarion)
    • Shield: In Waterfall by Charcoal Cave (Holmarion)
  • Drakefired Armor
    • Cuirass
      • Grave Ground Cave
      • Cheydinhal Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary (Creston)
    • Helmet: Fort Rayles
    • Greaves: Fort Flecia (theKettle)
    • Gauntlets: FortFlecia (theKettle)
    • Gauntlets: Shattered Scales Cave (Dazu)
  • Ornate Obsidian
    • Fort Facian (theKettle)
Weapon Locations
  • Light of Dawn: Nornalhorst Ruins
  • Winged Weapons
    • Winged Sword: Shadow's Rest Cave.
    • Winged Bow: Under rock north of Sancre Tor and southwest of "Ice Dragon Clan" base. If you find a Savage Ogre you're in the right place.
    • Winged Dagger: Chest in Cheydinhal DB Sanctuary. (ApuCalypso + Incorygible)
    • Winged Longsword: Umbacano's attick in a very hard chest. (Mazhaoshen)
    • Winged Staff: In a chest in Morahame Ruins.
    • Winged Hammer: Charcoal Cave
    • Winged Grand Axe: Chest in Knights of the Thorn Lodge.
  • Soul Wail: Underpall Cave
  • More Welkynd Pilin
    • Fort Farragut
    • Dark Fissure
    • Moranda Ruins
  • Dragon Weapons
    • The Dragon's Hunger: Ice Dragon Clan Base
    • The Dragon's Purification: Chest in the DB Cheydinhal Sanctuary.
    • The Dragon's Beastclaw: Private Room in A Fighting Chance
  • Icxth: Varastal
  • Molag Stava: Veyond Ruins
  • Templar Longsword
    • Vilena Donton (Most Powerful)
    • Some Pilgrims
    • Ontus Vanin (Prawn)
    • Fatback Cave (viking50)
  • Xival Vikyur's Fury: Xival Vikyur, Temple District during final stage of MQ. (ATT-Spartan)
Daedric Items
(*) Means that its part of a Daedric lootlist and may not be the item you find, but you WILL find a Deadric item in its place.
(**) Means that its part of a Daedric/Glass lootlist and you could find either.
  • Helmet
    • Dasek Moor Mine (RSX2400)
    • Barren Cave** (Creston)
    • Varondo Ruins (Splinter Cell)
  • Cuirass
    • Body of Gargantuan Slaughterfish (Rhekarid)
    • Stained chest behind Mannimacro's throne (Common Sensei)
  • Greaves
    • Fieldhouse Cave* (Holmarion)
    • Dasek Moor*
  • Gauntlets
    • Fieldhouse Cave* (Holmarion)
    • Dasek Moor* (SWA)
  • Boots
    • Cave to Pale Pass (SWA)
    • Next to Winged Bow (SWA)
  • Warhammer
    • Body of Gargantuan Slaughterfish (Rhekarid)
  • Mace
    • Fort Homestead (Dunraven)
  • Sortsword
    • Fort Doublecross (Dazu)
  • Dagger
    • Derelict Mine (Stelthano)

Daedric Prince Locations
  • Helmet
    • Xyval Vikyur (ATT-Spartan)
  • Cuirass
    • Xyval Vikyur (ATT-Spartan)
  • Gauntlets
    • None
  • Shield
    • None
  • Greaves
    • Xyval Vikyur (ATT-Spartan)
  • Boots
    • First Bruma Gate (SWA)
Alchemy Gear Locations
Here is a list of Expert and Master alchemy gear.
(*) Means found during Umbacano Quest.

  • Expert
    • Mortar and Pestle
      • Nenyon Twill (Creston)
    • Retort
      • Lindai* (Creston)
    • Calcinator
      • none
    • Alembic
      • none
  • Master
    • Mortar and Pestle
      • none
    • Retort
      • Fort Rayles (ApuCalypso)
    • Calcinator
      • none
    • Alembic
      • Echo Cave (Common Sensei)

Enemy Weaknesses
  • Mystical Imps
    • Fire (Anviltonge)
  • Spectral Warrior
    • Shock (Anviltonge)

Faction Locations
  • Amazon (Schadeljager + Kymerlin + Mazhaoshen)
    • Charcoal Cave: Leader
    • Dzonot Cave
    • Onyx Cave
    • Rickety Mine
    • Cursed Mine (Dunraven)
  • Slave Traders
    • Marsh Punk Camp: Leader
    • Seran Camp: Pisoners
    • Collapsed Mine: Prisoners
    • Nayond Camp (Dazu)
  • Blackmarsh Smugglers
    • Red Gill Cave: Merchant
    • Gloom Way Cave: Merchant (DragOntamer)
    • Seran Camp: Prisoners
    • Collapsed Mine: Prisoners
    • Deep Cover Cave
  • Vampires (Paw-Prints-In-The-Mud + djancoek + Dazu)
    • Lipsand Tarn
    • Ninendava
    • Fanacas
    • Nornalhost (Lord Volmyr)
    • Memorial Cave
    • Barren Cave
    • Fort Carmala
    • Fort Hastrel
    • Fort Naso
    • Fort Redman
    • Fort Redwater
    • Fort Vlastarus
  • The Putrid Hand (Rhekarid)
    • Wendelbeck (Leader)
    • Fort Linchal
    • Dark Fissure
    • Fort Istrius (Dazu)
    • Elenglynn (Dunraven)
    • Hame (Isuben)
  • Gargantuan Slaughterfish
    • The Niben Bay

Console Commands
  • Light of Dawn bug fix (stockwiz)
    • set OOOVampDeadCount to 300
  • Dread Armor Fix
    • Take off all Dread Armor parts.
    • Type "set DreadSetInt to 0"
    • Re-equipt the armor
  • Living Economy Customization Menu
    • startquest cflemenu