Last Updated 01/04/2008

If you are still using RC3, you should also check Known Issues with OOO 1.32 RC3.

Selling Platinum Coins

Selling your Platinum Coins can still sometimes cause problems with saving your game (CTD on save). This problem has been around since OOO 1.3 was first released and we still don't understand why it happens. If you run into this bug, you may be able to solve it by installing Tarnsman's Ayleid Coin Add-on. Be sure to use the OOO version.

Performance Issues

OOO is a system-resource intensive mod. It may slow down your game. This will vary a lot depending on your system and it may also improve as you play the mod for a while. If the performance hit is significant enough to be a problem for you, you can sometimes improve things by turning off the fishies. To do this, open the Oblivion console and type:

Set OOOFishSpawn to 0

This will have the biggest impact when you are near water.

User Interface Mods and Official 1.2 Patch

(Thanks to Arkgnt, apet07, drmbs76, and killgore for this info!)


The official Oblivion 1.2 patch has problems with certain interface mods. In particular, there are problems with HUD mods that replace the normal spell effect timer bars with a text-only counter. What happens is that certain very short spell effects can lead to CTDs with spell effect timers that have countdowns in seconds. With OOO 1.32, you may get these CTDs with trapped containers. The problem isn't specific to OOO, however. It also causes CTDs near the end of the Shivering Isles main quest, so you'll need to fix this problem even if you're not using OOO.

The other interface problem is a more general issue with the official 1.2 patch and UI mods like older versions of Darnified UI (and Phinix Immersive DarkUI, etc.) that use new interface fonts, so this problem is not specifically connected to OOO at all. Both problems can be fixed, however.

To get rid of the CTD's when opening trapped containers in OOO 1.32, one method is to use the new optional plugin (added in RC2) called OOO-Container_Trap_Instant_Effects. This add-on turns chests traps into instant effects so the timers will no longer be a problem (although you may still encounter the bug with other spell effects).

Another (probably more reliable) method is to reinstall Immersive Interface and choose bars instead of seconds for current spell effects during the Immersive Interface setup. You can probably still use seconds if you really want to by following apet07's instructions. Here's the key point from his post:

Open hudmainmenu_config.xml, foundin Oblivion\Data\menus\prefabs\ui_config\, with a suitable editor and change the line that reads:

<_aecta> 0 </_aecta> <!-- DEFAULT : 255 -->

to instead say:

<_aecta> 130 </_aecta> <!-- DEFAULT : 255 -->

Save your changes. This should give you both a text timer and a normal bar timer, like in the original BTMod.

Another solution to try if that one doesn't work is to look for a line in the same file that says:

<_arctimer> &false; </_arctimer>

and change it to:

<_arctimer> &true; </_arctimer>

You'll also need to modify the next few lines after that, so the entire result looks like:

<_arctimer> &true; </_arctimer>

<_aectx> 0 </_aectx>
<_aecty> 31 </_aecty>

This will add a barely visible timer bar under the text timer, hence preventing the CTD.

If you use Phinix Immersive DarkUI, there's a patch to make this change for you: Phinix Immersive Dark UI Compatiblilty Fix for OOO and SI.

This problem is also solved in DarNified UI 1.0 or later.

If you use one of these other solutions, then you don't need to use the OOO-Container_Trap_Instant_Effects.  option.

UI Fonts

If you use DarNified UI, you'll also need to update your fonts for compatibility with the official 1.2 patch. You can find details and downloads on the DarNified UI page, or you can simply install the latest version (1.0 or later). 

If you're using one of the older DarN versions (or another UI mod derived from a version of DarNified UI prior to version 1.0), then here's one suggested font setup that works:


This doesn't work with the latest DarNified UI since the font setup has changed significantly, but it should help for older versions (and other UI mods derived from older versions of DarNified UI).

The above should also work for other UI mods, if you would rather use BTMod, DarkUI, etc. -- i.e., switch fonts if they cause problems, choose bars for current spell effects or change the xml by following apet07's instructions.

Note that for some of these UIs, you really need to perform an Archive Invalidation with OBMM or Wrye Bash to get it to work correctly.