Last Updated 04/24/2009

Compatibility Add-Ons for OOO

These add-on mods improve compatibility for Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul (both 1.31 and 1.32) with other mods.

Robert Muscular OOO Armor

By SickleYield & Sen-chan
This mod makes the new armor sets added by OOO work with Robert's Male body replacer. It replaces all of the new and retextured variant armor meshes in OOO with Robert-compatible versions (for the Muscular/Bulky variant).
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Exnemised Armours for OOO

By Axil
This mod makes many of the new armor sets added by OOO work with Exnem's Female Eye Candy body replacer. It uses the Exnem-compatible armor meshes created by Chingari and Grhys to replace the retextured variant armors in OOO, including the "worn" variants (Thief, Mithril, Fur, and Chainmail), Bronze Armor, red and blue glass, red leather, dyed fur and the three types of Elven Eldar armor.
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SickleYield's FF Armor Replacer for OOO

By SickleYield
This mod makes the new armor sets added by OOO work with Corwyn's Fantasy Figures body replacer. It replaces all of the new and retextured variant armor meshes in OOO with FF-compatible versions, including the Archmage Armor, Dread Armor, Daedric Lava Armor, Noble Plate, the "worn" variants , Elven Eldar armor, etc.
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OOO Armor for BAB Users

This mod by Biu makes all of the armor in OOO use meshes adapted for the Biu Adventuress Body. Extract to your data dir after installing OOO.
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Compatibility Add-Ons for OOO 1.32

This is a collection of add-on mods created to extend and improve Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul 1.32.

MCP FineWeapons and RustyItems for OOO OMOD

This OMOD bundles NIGHTMARE's Mod Compatibility Project plugins for OMOBS-rebalanced versions of Windsurfer's FineWeapons 1.0 and RustyItems 1.3 along with the required resource files (meshes and textures).
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Tamriel Travellers 1.3 for OOO

Tamriel Travellers 1.3 (rc2) includes a TamrielTravelers4OOO.esp option that lets it work smoothly with OOO by avoid faction conflicts with the traveling merchants.
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Mod Compatibility Project (MCP)

The Mod Compatibility Project resolves OOO-compatibility issues for several popular mods, including Atmospheric Oblivion, Qarl's Harvest, Fine Weapons, Rusty Items, Slof's Oblivion Robe Trader, Gender Independent Clothing, and more. Highly recommended.
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Slof's Playable Xivilai for OOO

MadCat221 has made a modified version of Slof's Playable Xivilai plugin to act as an NPC replacer for all instances of creature Xivilai in the gameworld for OOO. Leveled creature lists, Summon spells, Anaxes and Medrike in Camoran's Paradise, even the Sanguine Rose are all replaced with NPC Xivilai of both male and female varieties. Note that you must download and install the content files in the base Playable Xivilai mod first for it to function. The OOO version is a replacement ESP, containing the Xivilai race data in the original plugin, as well as the added leveled creature list changes, and alterations made to the Camoran's Paradise quest concerning all the quest hooks for Anaxes and Medrike.
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Pekka's Imperial Horse Armour for OOO

Pekka's Imperial Horse Armour adds new retextured Legion Horse Armor to all Legion horses without changing the player's armored horses, and includes an option module that does the same for all the new Legion horses added by OOO.
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Tamrielic Ingredients for OOO

By Tarnsman
Tamrielic Ingredients (previously Morrowind Ingredients) adds 123 alchemical ingredients from previous Elder Scrolls games (Daggerfall and Morrowind, including the Tribunal and Bloodmoon expansions) to the Oblivion world through standard leveled lists, in addition to several unique lists for the Alchemist vendors. Includes a support plugin for users of OOO 1.32 and adds the Tamrielic Ingredients to the unique leveled lists used by it. It requires OOO version 1.32 and should load after the esp file for OOO.
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KD Circlets OOO 1.32 Optimized

By drmbs76
This is a rebalance of Kafei's Armored Circlets for OOO 1.32. It attempts to match OOO's form in balancing the values and weights based on the materials which the circlets are composed of. It adds more than 150 different circlets to the leveled lists in OOO 1.32 and for sale at the Colovian Traders. The circlets are no longer considered armor "armor", but instead work as enchanted jewelry.
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Optional Add-Ons for OOO 1.32

This is a collection of add-on mods created to extend and improve Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul 1.32.

Ayleid Weapon Balance Update for OOO

By MadCat221
This is a balance improvement mod for the Ayleid Meteoric Iron Weapons. It puts damage levels Ayleid Meteoric Iron Weapons on-par with Glass (OOO uses different damage values for glass weapons from MOBS Glass, which the original Ayleid Meteoric damage rates were based on), and lighter weights for many of the larger weapons. Stave charge levels and magic effect damages are tweeked too; the main-line destruction staves (fire, frost, shock), are now hands-down the most powerful in the game (though Destruction master and even expert spells still are more damaging).

OOO - Ayleid Coin Add-on

By Tarnsman
This add-on address replaces the platinum coin mesh in Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul with one that looks more ancient, more like you might find in an archaeological dig of an Ayleid ruin. The coin has been also renamed from Platinum Coin to Ayleid Coin. No other changes have been made.
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Optional Add-Ons for OOO 1.31

Add-ons and fixes for Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul 1.31.

Quinga Improved

Nicoroshi has completed a mesh and texture replacement for the Quinga, or more commonly known as the Ayleid Meteoric Iron Bow. What's better is that, since OOO has the meteoric meshes and textures in the same directory as the independently released versions, OOO fans can make use of this mesh replacer too! This is already included in the content updates in V1.32. Screenshots: Here's some interspersed in the AMIW's independent release topic (there's more on page 3 of that topic).
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Other Popular Add-Ons for OOO

These should work with any version of OOO.

Kal's Skill Overhaul

By Kal Choedan
This mod updates magicka skill leveling speeds for better compatibility between OOO and Damar Stiehl's Mighty Magick (MM) mod. It also preserves the MM skill perk text changes for each mastery level. It also includes options for those who prefer to use Bofra's Level Rates Modified (LRM) instead of the new skill rates in OOO, as well as support for people using the Kobu's Character Advancement System (KCAS) or AFLevel mods.
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Vanilla Skill Rates

By Sir_Entropy
If you prefer the vanilla Oblivion skill progression rate rather than the slower rate in OOO, this mod's for you. Load this .esp after the OOO.esp and it will change your skill progression rate back to vanilla Oblivion standard.
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Quiet Feet for OOO

By OnmyojiOmn
The system Oblivion uses for creature footstep sound effects tends to stress older and onboard sound cards, causing terrible stuttering. Creatures with more feet, such as horses and wolves, will destroy such cards. This version of Quiet Feet solves this problem by replacing the sound files for all creature footsteps with dummy .wav files. This version is compatible with OOO and all other mods that affect creatures. Credit goes to Oscuro, whose suggestion led to this update.
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