Last Updated 10/8/2007


If you're just now starting OOO for the first time and/or you just don't feel comfortable using one of the 1.32 Release Candidates yet, you can still use OOO 1.31 instead. You will need three separate downloads to get everything installed. These are:

  1. OOO 1.3 Base Install (available from multiple sites -- roughly 400Mb)
  2. OOO 1.31c Patch (only on -- roughly 21Mb)
  3. OOO 1.31d binpatch (only on -- roughly 6Mb)

Upgrading from 1.3

If you are upgrading a current savegame from OOO 1.3, you MUST take off any cape you may be wearing (or carrying) that you got from an NPC -- except guard capes -- and throw them away before you load your save with the 1.31 ESP. If you are not sure where you got a cape, the safest route is to drop it into an empty container, save, install 1.31, then load and see if your cape is still in the container. If it's still there, then it should be safe to use.

If you don't follow these instructions, you may get stuck with a cape that cannot be unequipped.

Also, if you are upgrading a current savegame from OOO 1.3, you'll need to enter a console command to enable the lockpicking restrictions that would otherwise have been in play had you started from scratch with 1.31. You need to type the following in the console (~):

Set LapMinLock to 1

After doing this, save the game and reload.

Be sure to check the Readme file for additional install/upgrade instructions regarding existing savegames.

Install Procedure and Load Order

The install procedure for 1.31 is the same as for 1.3, assuming you've already installed 1.3. Just extract the archive to a temporary folder, select the ESPs you want to use, then copy/move everything to your \Oblivion\Data\ folder.

OOO 1.31 includes a version of 1.3's
original player leveling rates, which many users felt was too slow. This option is called OOO-Level_Slow.esp. It can be used with either FULL or LITE versions of OOO. There's also a new optional plugin for use with the LITE version to enable the Daedric Shrine Quest features of the FULL version (it's called OOO-DaedricLord_Quests.esp).

If you are using any option modules, they should always load after the OOO.esp, and they are now set to work this way by default (this should help if you're not using OBMM or some other tool to change the load order).

However, you should still check your load order after installing this update, since some older mods may now be loading before OOO when you originally had them loading after the previous version (Bofras LRM is a good example of this -- it needs to load after the OOO.esp just like the other option modules do).


OOO 1.31c Patch (21Mb download for the patch only) OOO 1.31c Patch

Only available on You must install 1.3 Base first.

WARNING: Other versions of the 1.31 update on other hosting sites are not up to date with the latest changes in 1.31c, which was re-uploaded to on 10/12/06. The "c" version fixes issues with locks, braided armor, and maybe a few other things, too. Don't bother trying to get 1.31 from other sites unless they show the file as having been updated 10/12/06 or later. The 1.31 patch addresses the problems encountered with 1.3 in regards to performance and gameplay issues. You need to have installed the complete OOO 1.3 base file (roughly 400mb download) in order to use the 1.31 patch.

See the List of Changes in OOO 1.31 for more detail.

Additional Patches & Updates for OOO 1.3 and 1.31

Spectral Warrior Murder Count (for OOO 1.31c only)
I've released an OOO_131d Patcher to fix reported problems with OOO 1.31c where sneak-attacking a Spectral Warrior could result in your character getting a murder count. The only change in this binpatch is to set the GhostWarrior faction to be evil. You must have already installed OOO 1.31c -- which you can get only on right now. This patcher will not work with any other version of OOO.
Download the OOO 1.31d binpatcher from

Thieves Guild Fix (for OOO 1.3 and 1.31)
If you're having trouble advancing in the Thieves Guild, this may help. There's a Thieves Guild advancement bug that's corrected in UOP, but the UOP changes normally get overwritten by OOO. I've released a temporary patch for this problem.
Download OOO_ThievesGuildFix from SweetDanger
Basically, I've merged the UOP changes with the OOO changes where they conflict, so it should do the trick. You'll need to load it after OOO. Sotobrastos has incorporated the fix into OOO 1.32.