Last Updated 3/31/2009

There are way too many possible configurations for FCOM to detail them all, but the following guide should help with suggestions for some of the most common questions.

The following load order suggestions work for both SI and non-SI installs.

This page details the Expanded Load Order for advanced FCOM configurations, including all of the optional plugins. If you want a simpler configuration, use the FCOM Basic Load Order instead. 

You can automatically force the correct load-order for these plugins (and many more) by using the excellent BOSS (Better Oblivion Sorting Software). This tool was previously called FCOMhelper, but it now works for any load order, not just FCOM.

Expanded Load-Order

You should place the Fran optional plugins very early in your load order, as described below in the expanded load-order list. Files shown with [x] should be active. Files shown with [+] can be either active or "virtually active" (i.e., enabled only in the Bashed Patch). Files shown with [*] MUST be "virtually active" (i.e., "imported" into the Bashed Patch).

[x] Oblivion.esm
[x] Francesco's leveled creatures-items mod.esm
[x] Francesco's optional new items add-on.esm (Optional! Requires Fran BSA file & FCOM_FrancescoItemsAddOn)
[x] Tamrielic Ingredients.esm (With optional support patch included in FCOM 8.1 or later)
[x] Cobl Main.esm (Optional alternative to Tamrielic Ingredients; Not recommended with TI!)
[x] Oscuro's_Oblivion_Overhaul.esm (Must be 1.34 or later!)
[x] Mart's Monster Mod.esm (Must be 3.6 or later!)
[x] Enhanced Daedric Invasion.esm (Optional)
[x] TamrielTravellers.esm (Optional; requires TamrielTravelers4OOO.esp v1.3 and FCOM_TamrielTravelers.esp)
[x] FCOM_Convergence.esm (Required!)
[*] TNR - all.esp (Tamriel NPCs Revamped should be "imported" in your Bashed Patch config, but should not actually be active)
[x] Unofficial Oblivion Patch.esp
[x] Unofficial Shivering Isles Patch MOBS.esp (install USIP & replace plugin with Fran-compat version of USIP 1.3)
[x] Francesco's optional chance of stronger bosses.esp
[x] Francesco's optional chance of stronger enemies.esp
[x] Francesco's optional chance of more enemies.esp
[x] Francesco's optional leveled guards.esp
[+] Francesco's Dark Seducer Weapons Patch.esp (Recommended Optional for SI; Download from SweetDanger)
[+] FCOM_Francescos.esp (Required ONLY if using Fran's!)
[+] FCOM_FrancescosItemsAddOn.esp (Required ONLY if using Fran's optional new items add-on.esm!)
[X] FCOM_FrancescosNamedBosses.esp (Recommended Optional)
[X] Fran Armor Add-on.esp (Optional! Unofficial Fran expansion. Requires FCOM_UnofficialFranArmorAddOn!)
[X] Fran_Lv30Item_Maltz.esp (Optional! Unofficial Fran expansion. No patch required!)
[x] Other baseline plugins, including weather & sound mods, Official plugins, such as DLCSpellTomes.esp, etc. (except for Knights of the Nine, which should load later)
[x] UOMP, the Unofficial Official Mod Patches. (only if you have official plugins; UOMP for Knights.esp goes later)
[x] KDCircletsOOOOptimized - NPC Equip.esp (Optional. KDCircletsOOOOptimized. Requires patch.)
[x] FCOM_KDCircletsOOOOptimizedNPCEquip.esp (ONLY if using KDCircletsOOOOptimized - NPC Equip.esp!)
[x] ExnemRuneskulls.esp (Optional)
[x] FCOM_ExnemRuneskulls.esp (ONLY if using ExnemRuneSkulls!)
[x] Slof's Oblivion Robe Trader.esp (Optional)
[x] Tamrielic_Ingredients_cOMbo.esp (Optional)
[+] FCOM_TamrielicIngredients.esp (ONLY if using Tamrielic Ingredients!)
[x] Cobl Glue.esp (Optional; Required only if using Cobl; Not recommended with Tamrielic Ingredients!)
[x] Cobl Si.esp (Optional Shivering Isles support for CoblNot recommended with Tamrielic Ingredients!)
[x] OOO 1.32-Cobl.esp (Recommended optional support file for Cobl & Oscuro; Not recommended with TI!)
[+] FCOM_Cobl.esp (ONLY if using Cobl! Not recommended with FCOM_TamrielicIngredients!)
[x] Bob's Armory Oblivion.esp (Optional)
[x] FCOM_BobsArmory.esp (Required ONLY if using Bob's Armory!)
[x] Loth's Blunt Weapons for Npcs.esp (New! Optional)
[+] FCOM_LothsBluntWeapons.esp (New! Required ONLY if using Loth's Blunt Weapons!)
[x] Oblivion WarCry EV.esp (Optional)
[x] FCOM_WarCry.esp (Required ONLY if using WarCry!)
[x] Oscuro's_Oblivion_Overhaul.esp (Must be 1.34 or later!)
[x] Mart's Monster Mod - Additional Enemy NPC Vars.esp (Optional, but NOT RECOMMENDED)
[x] FCOM_Convergence.esp (Required if using MMM and OOO!)
[x] FCOM_RealSwords.esp (Recommended Optional)
[x/+] Any FCOM optional spawn adjustment plugins you want to use, such as the following:
[x] FCOM_DurabilityAndDamage.esp (Optional -- Use instead of MMM - Durability & Damage.esp!)
[x] Mart's Monster Mod - More Wilderness Life.esp (Optional; FCOM_MoreWildernessLife is deprecated!)
[+] FCOM_SpawnRatesReduced.esp (Optional -- Use instead of MMM - Spawn Rates - Reduced.esp!)
[+] FCOM_SaferRoads.esp (Optional -- Use instead of MMM - Safer Roads.esp!)
[+] FCOM_LessRats.esp (Optional -- Use instead of MMM - Less Rats.esp!)
[+] FCOM_NoSpiders.esp (Optional -- Use instead of MMM - No Spiders.esp!)
[+] FCOM_NoWyverns.esp (Optional -- Use instead of MMM - No Wyverns.esp!)
[+] FCOM_NoReaversInGates.esp (Optional!)
[+] FCOM_NoAdventurersInGates.esp (Optional!)
[x/+] Any MMM optional plugins, such as the following:
[x] Mart's Monster Mod - Extra Wounding.esp (optional)
[x] Mart's Monster Mod - Looting NPCs & Creatures.esp (optional)
[?] Mart's Monster Mod - Spawn Rates - Increased.esp* (NOT tested yet!)
[?] Mart's Monster Mod - No Reavers.esp* (Optional)
[x/+] Any additional MMM optional plugins you want to use should go here. You can use ALL of them EXCEPT the few that are specifically warned against in the "don't use" list or are replaced by FCOM_ versions.)
[x] TamrielTravelers4OOO.esp (with optional support patch included in FCOM 8.4 or later)
[+] FCOM_TamrielTravelers.esp (ONLY if using Tamriel Travelers!)
[x/+] Any FCOM optional add-ons, such as MoreRandomSpawns, MoreRandomItems, etc. Examples:
[+] FCOM_FriendlierFactions.esp (Optional! Use instead of MMM - Friendlier Factions.esp)
[+] FCOM_DiverseGuardUnity.esp (Optional -- Use instead of Diverse Imperial Armor!)
[+] FCOM_BobsGuardUnity.esp (ONLY if using Bob's Armory and FCOM_DiverseGuardUnity.esp!)
[+] FCOM_Archery.esp (Optional)
[x] Quest plugins & override plugins, including:
[x] Knights.esp (Knights of the Nine official plugin needs to load after OOO)
[x] Knights - Unofficial Patch.esp (only if you have Knights.esp)
[x] Ruin.esp
[x] Mighty Umbra.esp
[x] Blood&Mud.esp
[x] Lost Paladins of the Divines.esp
[x] Origin of the Mages Guild.esp
[x] MannimarcoRevisited.esp
[x] MannimarcoRevisitedOOO.esp
[x] Mart's Monster Mod - City Defences.esp (Optional! Needs to load late to prevent guards from falling off walls.)
[x/+] Any FCOM optional quest & NPC patches, such as the following:
[+] FCOM_MightyUmbra.esp (ONLY if using Mighty Umbra!)
[+] FCOM_Blood&Mud.esp (ONLY if using Blood & Mud!)
[+] FCOM_Knights.esp (ONLY if using Knights!)
FCOM_Ruin.esp (ONLY if using Ruined Tail!)
[x] FCOM_SlofsRobeTrader.esp (Only if you use Slof's Oblivion Robe Trader!)
[x] FCOM_OMG.esp (Only if you use Origin of the Mages Guild!)
[x] FCOM_OMGSRT.esp (Only if you use OMGT and SRT!)
[+] FCOM_UnofficialFranArmorAddOn.esp (ONLY if using Unofficial Fran Armor Add-On!)
[x] Unique Landscapes mods (must load very late if you use them; be sure to use the MWL patch if you use MWL)
[x] Enhanced Daedric Invasion.esp (optional)
[x] FCOM_EnhancedDaedricInvasion.esp (Required ONLY if using Enhanced Daedric Invasion!)
[x] GFX_Initial_Glow-all.esp (beware of other, less-compatible no-glow mods)
[x] Beautiful People.esp, other beauty packs, etc.
[x] Bashed Patch, 0.esp (called "Bashed Lists, 0.esp" in older versions of Wrye Bash)

(*) Note that MMM plugins like Spawn Rates - Increased, Spawn Rates - Reduced, Spawn Rates - Moderate Increased, No Werewolves, No Slimes, No Beholdens, No Reavers, No Reaver Hounds, Extra Reavers, etc., can be used here. Load spawnrate changers before the "no" options! Also note that the names of these plugins changed in MMM 3.1 RC (previously they were called Increased Spawn Rate, Reduced Spawn Rate, etc.).

The MMM option files for No Carrion Rats, and No Undead Rise are not based on spawn list changes, so they will not show up in the Levelers list (and should not be specified as Relevelers in older versions of WryeBash).

For more general load-order advice, check the Load Order Guide.

Bashed Patch

If you are using an old version of Wrye Bash (prior to 0.98), then check the Old Bash page for important details. If you have a recent version (v118 or later highly recommended), then everything you need to know is already described in the step-by-step Bashed Patch guide on the main FCOM homepage.