Major Changes in 0.8.9 through 0.9.3

You must REMOVE all the old FCOM plugins before installing FCOM 0.9.3. This is very important! You must remove all the old Relevelers and optional files such as FCOM_UOP.esp, FCOM_Unity.esp, and FCOM_Vampires.esp, which are no longer used. Also, MMM for FCOM.esp, FCOM_WarCryBosses.esp, and FCOM_KnightsWarCry.esp are no longer used! These are no longer necessary because they've been either renamed or completely integrated into other plugins, such as OOO 1.33 (UOP fixes, Light of Dawn sword changes) or FCOM_Convergence.esp (includes UOP fixes, MOU, vampire unification, etc. -- this file used to be called MMM for FCOM.esp).

FCOM 9.3 Requires MMM 3.5.3 or MMM 3.5.4 and OOO 1.32.Final (or RC53). See above for links to these. Do not use Mart's Monster Mod for FCOM.esp (unless you're still using FCOM 8.8 or earlier).

Also, do NOT use these old files anymore:
Mart's Monster Mod for FCOM.esp(renamed FCOM_Convergence.esp)
Mart's Monster Mod - Diverse Creature Skins.esp(included in FCOM_Convergence.esp)
Mart's Monster Mod - Diverse Imperial Armor.esp(use FCOM_DiverseGuardUnity.esp)
MOU - Option plugins (now integrated into FCOM_Convergence.esp)
OOO132RC3Hotfixes.esp (now integrated into OOO 1.32.Final)
(now an optional add-on in OOO 1.32.Final)
Mart's Monster Mod - Friendlier Factions OOO+FCOM.esp (use FCOM version instead!)

Mart's Monster Mod - No Spiders.esp (use FCOM version instead!)
Mart's Monster Mod - No Wyverns.esp (use FCOM version instead!)