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FCOM: Convergence shatters previous barriers in the Oblivion mod community by letting you play four of the largest Oblivion "overhaul" mods at the same time -- Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul, Martigen's Monster Mod, Oblivion WarCry, and Francesco's Leveled Creatures-Items. It also seeks to show how new item and/or creature expansion mods can be added directly to this environment, and thus includes optional support for Bob's Armory, Loth's Blunt Weapons for Npcs, Cobl, Tamrielic Ingredients, Knights of the Nine, Tamriel Travelers, and many other popular mods.

FCOM provides complete unification of Mart's Monster Mod and Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul. It brings all of the numerous new creatures, NPCs, and items added by MMM and OOO into a consistent and balanced structure. In addition, it integrates Francesco's vast collection of new items and named NPC bosses along with new creatures and items from Oblivion WarCry.

To make all these great mods work together, FCOM provides a common infrastructure for a series of patches, rebalancers, and relevelers that work with the Bashed Patch feature of Wrye Bash. FCOM also provides a bunch of FCOM Optional Add-Ons to let you further customize your experience. These options tweak various gameplay aspects and improve compatibility for a wide range of popular mods.

You may want to check the latest BethSoft Discussion Thread for updates, but this website documents almost everything about FCOM extensively. There's a lot of information here, so please read everything on the website before posting to ask for help since it's very likely your question has already been answered here. If you really do need help, feel free to post your questions, but be prepared to include a copy of your load order. The best way to do this currently is to launch Wrye Bash, right-click on the column header in the Mods tab, then select List Mods. See Asking for Help for more details.

If you're looking for extensive compatibility guidelines, patches, more great OMOBS-balanced weapon mods, etc., then check out the new FCOM Wiki pages on UESP! See also FCOM on the Oblivion Mod Wiki.


FCOM: Convergence 1.0 Official HD Trailer by Vini (Youtube, 720p)

Downloads and Installation

WARNING: FCOM is not for the faint of heart. It may chew your game up into tiny bits and spit it back in your face!

Yes, Wrye Bash really is required.

There's no readme. Just this website and the files. If you know what to expect already, then go ahead, but you've been warned!

Note that some of the guides here predate the latest releases of FCOM, MMM and OOO, so you may find links to old versions, but I have tried to update the guides for 1.0 finally. Regardless, most of the info is still valid.

FCOM 1.0 Download: | TES ALLIANCE |

New Additions in FCOM 1.0

(See full changelog)

  • Tweaked the WarCry leveled lists. Deadric items will appear much less frequently.
  • Changed Rakanishu spell to be area affect centred on him, so that it hits everybody within 5 feet. Reduced the damage slightly to compensate.
  • Changed Rakanishu to be immune to shock (see above).
  • Removed Rakanishu spell from Horst of Might and Magic.
  • Created mini-me Lesser Rakanishu with weaker spell and no boss loot.
  • Created mini-me Lesser Bishibosh without summon, weapons, or boss loot. Basically just stands there throwing mini fireballs at you.
  • Changed all generic fallen, carver, devilkin, and dark shamans so summon standard zombie and have less powerful versions of shaman spells. Goblin shamans are now special again! Left Bishibosh alone, though.
  • Changed Colenzo the Annihilator (Dark uber shaman) to have more powerful versions of standard shaman spells.
  • Completely hacked the spawn chances of the fallen so that Fallen Shamans won't appear at all at level 1, and will only appear half as often at level 2. Bishibosh doesn't appear until level 6, and the other bosses (Pukerat and Bladeskin) don't appear until level 3. Rough spawn chance:
  • Level 1: 80% fallen, 20% lesser Bishibosh
  • Level 2: 70% fallen, 20% lesser Bishibosh, 10% fallen shaman
  • Level 3: 60% fallen, 20% fallen shaman, 10% lesser Bishibosh, 5% Pukerat, 5% Bladeskin
  • Level 6: 50% fallen, 15% fallen shaman, 10% lesser Bishibosh, 10% Pukerat, 10% Bladeskin, 5% Bishibosh
  • Revamped the carver, devilkin, and dark one lists in a similar manner. Lesser Rakanishu will start to appear at level 7, boss carvers (Gutshank & Rakanishu) at level 9, boss devilkin (Bongo) at level 13, boss dark ones (Shadowcrow & Snotspill) at level 17, and the aforementioned Colenzo at level 20.
  • L@zarus' undead knight and medieval weapons added to upper tier of WarCry enemies. These weapons appear only on a very few unique creatures, and of course if your unlucky enough to run into the undead knight himself. These enemies appear only above level 25 and they will be very rare.

Be sure to Rebuild Patch after installing this update!

See the Version History page for details on previous versions.


FCOM requires all the latest versions of the source mods it is based on -- i.e., you will need full installs of OOO, MMM, Fran's + Fran's Optional Items, WarCry, and Bob's Armory if you want to use the support files for these mods.

Notes on install order:

FCOM makes it possible to play Francesco's, WarCry, OOO and MMM together. It also adds support for other mods, such as Bob's Armory, Loth's Blunt Weapons, Cobl, Knights of the Nine etc. You can play FCOM in countless combinations. Only OOO and MMM are required as the "base".

For compatibility reasons with the MMM BSA it's now important in which order some mods are installed. See the MMM readme for full details.

It's very much recommended to start from a clean install of the game before installing FCOM. Oblivion must be patched to 1.2.0416.

Recommended/required utilities: Wrye Bash, OBMM and BOSS - Better Oblivion Sorting Software. Wrye Bash is required. FCOM depends on its Bashed Patch feature. It's also highly recommended to use Wrye Bash and/or OBMM for installs generally and Wrye Bash/BOSS for setting the load order. See their respective readme files.

Quick List of Required Installs

  • Wrye Bash and OBMM
  • Francesco's Creatures and Items 5.0B2 BAIN Installer
  • At this point, only these plugins from Fran's should be in your "Data" folder (together with "Francesco's Creatures and Items Resources - Items" BSA'):
    Francesco's Leveled Creatures-Items Mod.esm
    Francesco's Optional New Items Add-On.esm
    Francesco's Creatures and Items Resources.esp
    Francesco's Optional Chance of Stronger Bosses.esp
    Francesco's Optional Chance of Stronger Enemies.esp
    Francesco's Optional Chance of More Enemies.esp (only if you have SI installed)
    Francesco's Optional Leveled Guards.esp (only if you have SI installed)
  • Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul 1.35
  • Oblivion WarCry 1.09 [both WarCry files required]. OPTIONAL: WarCry_SkeletonNoCrumble [Google Drive]. This fixes the stretching on death for WarCry's armored skeletons.
  • Bob's Armory Oblivion 1.1 [both Bob's Armory files required]
  • FCOM Convergence 1.0 [all three FCOM files required] NOTE: Users of the current release of Better Cities, which comes with Blood & Mud integrated, should use the FCOM patch that comes with the Better Cities download rather than the Blood & Mud patch that comes with FCOM. Also, Be sure to get FCOM_EntropicOrderRebalance, which fixes several issues already discovered with the Entropic Order (that patch download also includes an optional EntropicOrderHardcore plugin that makes them extremely deadly; use either the Rebalance or Hardcore, not both).
  • Martigen's Monster Mod 3.8 [both MMM files required]. Always use the FCOM optional plug-in if a similar one is offered by Mart's (eg less_rats) as the MMM file affects only MMM creatures.

Helpful Tips

Be sure you get ALL of the required files for the configuration you want to play! Many users either forget to install some of the resource files (which are often separate very large downloads) or grab the wrong version. See the OOO Quick Start Guide and the FCOM Setup FAQ for more details.

The Installation section of this page (below) includes a brief summary of the installation steps required for each of the major mods supported by FCOM. Use it!

You can in theory use FCOM: Convergence to support any combination of the supported mods -- such as just running only Fran + WarCry -- but the most common configuration (and the focus of most of our testing) is on combining all of them, or at least Fran + OOO + MMM, with WarCry and Bob as optional components.

Most of the FCOM features only work if you use Wrye Bash. You can't use all the files together without Wrye Bash and I have not included any premade Bashed Patch files. The only way to run without it is to use a very limited configuration that only really includes MMM and OOO, in which case you may as well use MMM for OOO instead (it does now include the same hand-merged lists and unification work I did for FCOM).

Required Patches

FCOM requires Bethesda's official 1.2 patch. Oblivion must be patched to 1.2.0416. However, there are a few specific issues related to that patch with the big mods used in FCOM:

  • Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul doesn't have any specific problems with the official 1.2 patch, but there is a general problem between UI/HUD mods and the patch that can be triggered by trapped container effects and some other short-duration spells in OOO. See the OOO Known Issues page for details.
  • Francesco's Leveled Creatures-Items has some issues with the official 1.2 patch that make Fran's BSA files fail to load (causing missing meshes -- the big yellow exclamation marks). This is mostly resolved in recent installers for Fran's 4.3b or later, but it's also well worth reading the additional tips found in the FCOM Setup FAQ.
  • You must install WarCry 1.09 to avoid CTDs with the official 1.2 patch (also resolves some black-screen bug problems for Nvidia users).

Highly Recommended Patches

Highly Recommended Mods

  • Cobl
  • 1. Download and install Cobl v173.
  • 2. For FCOM, also use Cobl Tweaks - FCOM.esp from the 03 Patches folder. It's preferable over the mergeable patch as the non-mergeable patch has a couple of more features. But if you're pushing the esp limit, you can of course choose Cobl Tweaks - FCOM Mergeable.esp instead and merge it into the Bashed Patch.
  • OMOBS 2.0a
  • For weapon stats to be as consistent as possible in FCOM, use OMOBS stats when available since that's what's used in OOO. If OMOBS stats aren't available, MOBS is better than vanilla stats as MOBS is closer to OMOBS than vanilla.
    1. Choose MOBS during the installation of Fran's if using Francesco's optional new items add-on. Otherwise, you'll get vanilla stats for its weapons.
    2. Use the standalone OMOBS 2.0a or OMOBS SI 2.0a if having Shivering Isles installed. Don't use OMOBS Optional Combat Settings as they're already included in OOO and Fran's.
    3. Use the MOBS for DLC 2.0b that are included in MOBS Knights DLC Fixed 2b if applicable. Requires the Unofficial Offical Mods Patch for texture fixes etc. Don't use the Knights Unofficial MOBS patch as FCOM_Knights already gives the KotN weapons OMOBS stats.

Quick Guide on using BOSS or LOOT and Wrye Bash

Use BOSS or LOOT and Wrye Bash for bash tagging and setting the load order.

Install: BOSS - Better Oblivion Sorting Software or LOOT.

  1. Copy Bashed Patch, 0.esp from the Mopy/Extras folder to the Data folder.
  2. Open Wrye Bash, go to the Mods window, click Load Order to have the mods listed accordingly. Right-click the File-header in the Mods window and make sure Lock Times is unchecked. Also, right-click in the Bash Tags window in the lower right and make sure that Automatic is checked.
  3. Launch BOSS. Note that Wrye Bash has handy shortcut icons for BOSS and other utilities.
  4. When BOSS is finished the esp's will be correctly tagged - and the plugins correctly load ordered. Note that BOSS also gives useful comments on version numbers, compatibility issues etc., so it's a good idea to check the BOSSlog.text.

Update Your Save Game

This is not needed if you start a new game, but is absolutely necessary if you add FCOM to an ongoing game. Open your save file in Wrye Bash, right click on your save game and scroll to update npc levels. After rebuilding the bashed patch, it's imperative that you wait out the game respawn period (default 3 game days so 4 is recommended) away from all npc's and creatures. One possibility is to use the console command "coc testinghall", wait for 4 days, then return with "coc Weye".

Memory Patches, Etc.

Oblivion runs on an old engine and FCOM taxes the CPU and also the GPU, especially if using increased spawn rates. For heavily modded games, there are several applications that help out with memory issues, etc., resulting in a more stable game:

For more info, see LAA Patch Overview and the thread Oblivion And Memory Usage.

Installation Summary

FCOM is somewhat challenging to install and configure, but the entire process is documented extensively here. If you're doing this for the first time, start with:


Please read through all of the instructions on this page and the First-Time User Install Guide before you start. Everything will go much smoother if you do this. You've been warned!

Remove all previous versions and resources before commencing installation.

See readme files for both Mart's and OOO.


The FCOM FAQs cover a bunch of common questions and answers, including very important stuff such as critical troubleshooting tips, additional tips on how to configure FCOM, as well as some unimportant topics like how the project got started and where it's heading, etc. However, it's not always up to date with the latest changes, so start with the instructions further down on this page first, use First-Time User Install Guide as a reminder of the steps, and then check the FAQs afterward if you have additional questions or run into problems not already answered here.

FCOM Optional Add-Ons

The main FCOM plugins are described further down on this page, but the FCOM Optional Add-Ons deliver a huge part of the FCOM experience and you can't go blindly adding these without understanding what they do, what they require, or how they change the game. So read up on them here (or else!):

Load Order

Before you start, please read Setting the Load Order. Really. The whole thing. Even if you think you know what you're doing. You've been warned. Good. With that out of the way, we can continue.

  • FCOM Basic Load-Order. This is the basic, minimal configuration guide for FCOM 9.7 or later versions. Does not include details on the option files.
  • FCOM Expanded Load Order. This is a much more advanced and complex configuration guide for FCOM 9.7 or later versions -- including details on all of the option files.
These are examples based on the options I use in my game. Your list of choices will almost certainly look a bit different. See General Load-Order Guidelines for additional suggestions.

Installation Details

If you are installing FCOM for the first time, read nUbee's Newbie Guide for FCOM for a detailed installation guide. Questions about it should go in its release thread: An up-to-date FCOM guide.

You can find a simplified set of instructions in the First-Time User Install Guide. It's a highly recommended companion to the more detailed instructions here.

If you want to skip directly to the "where do I put these files?" part of the install, then head over to the New Standard Load-Order Guide.

The main FCOM: Convergence plugins are (in load order):


This is the required base master file that all the other FCOM plugins rely on in order to work together. Other than this fact, it's not very exciting because it doesn't do much by itself. All the other plugins require this one as a master.


This is the required support file for Francesco's Leveled Creatures-Items Mod. It includes the items releveler lists to make Fran's loot work with other FCOM mods. It also includes the spawn-blocker lists to prevent Fran spawns from appearing in Cyrodiil but still allow them in Shivering Isles if you have that expansion (works even if you don't have the expansion). It requires Francesco's Leveled Creatures-Items Mod.esm, Francesco's Optional Chance of Stronger Bosses.esp, and Francesco's Optional Chance of Stronger Enemies.esp. I highly recommend also using Francesco's Optional New Items Add-On.esm (his massive weapons and armor expansion), but it's not required.\


This is the required support file for Bob's Armory. It adds all of the excellent new weapons and armor from Bob's Armory to FCOM-compatible leveled lists and rebalances the items for OMOBS compliance. Highly recommended but not required (i.e., you don't need it if you decide not to use Bob's Armory, but you do need it if you are going to use Bob's Armory). Must be loaded after Bob's Armory Oblivion.esp.


This is the required support file for Oblivion WarCry. It adds all of the amazing new weapons, armor, and enemies from WarCry to FCOM-compatible leveled lists. It rebalances WarCry weapon stats for OMOBS compliance. It also adds the unique WarCry enemies to new FCOM factions so they will not fight with enemies added by MMM or OOO (unless they are supposed to fight). Very highly recommended but not required (i.e., you don't need it if you decide not to use WarCry, but you do need it if you are going to use WarCry). Must be loaded after Oblivion WarCry EV.esp. The FCOM_Warcry plugin uses FCOM_Convergence.esm to resolve faction conflicts for WarCry. Huge thanks to Vini and Martigen for the original version of this. It also now uses FCOM_Convergence.esm to give WarCry unique weapons, armor, and trophies to NPCs and creatures found in the other FCOM plugins. The latest version now also uses the FCOM.esm to let WarCry Goblin variants carry MMM Goblin loot without any direct dependency on MMM.


This is the required "convergence" file that glues everything together. First and foremost, it provides complete unification of MMM and OOO, plus Fran's named bosses. It resolves all of the significant differences between these two gigantic mods. It includes hand-merged spawn and item lists, creatures, NPCs, and items -- including almost everything from MOU, nb_nmare's MMM and OOO Unity project (except the guards, which are included in a separate optional FCOM plugin called DiverseGuardUnity). It uses MMM's Diverse Creature Skins for both MMM and OOO creature variants and adds support for automatic integration of WarCry and Tamrielic Ingredients if present. MMM and OOO factions are given proper relationships to each other and the FCOM factions for other enemies (only WarCry uses the FCOM factions so far). It also preserves the OOO Heart of the Wild Woods quest reward.

Even though this plugin is the heart of FCOM, there are several optional plugins that can be used instead (see FCOM Optional Add-Ons for details), although very few people use the alternatives.

FCOM_Convergence.esp must be used instead of Mart's Monster Mod.esp, Mart's Monster Mod for OOO.esp, and Mart's Monster Mod for Fran.esp, but Mart's Monster Mod.esm is required for FCOM_Convergence.esp to work.

FCOM_Convergence.esp must be loaded after Oscuro's_Oblivion_Overhaul.esp.


This is the FCOM version of Waalx RealSwords. It does not require prior installation of the original RealSwords modules. Includes numerous never-before-seen Undead RealSwords (old, worn versions of various swords from the other RealSwords packs). The FCOM download (137Mb) includes everything you need to use FCOM_RealSwords (meshes, textures, and icons). RealSwords is carefully balanced for OMOBS and integrated entirely via new race-specific weapon lists for Argonians, Bosmer, Bretons, Khajiit, Orcs, Redguards, Goblins, and Undead.

Huge thanks to Waalx for letting us include this and ElminsterEU for saving me months of hard labor on this with some slick new TES4Edit functions.

Should be loaded after FCOM_Convergence.esp.

Options, Resources and Other Stuff

FCOM also includes a modders resource, test resource, and a bunch of optional add-ons, all in subfolders. 

The OOO, WarCry and Bob support files rearrange items from their respective masters into a structure based partly on OOO and partly on my own hardcore loot rarity vision. The Fran support file is much simpler than the others because it just places his lists at the correct spots to merge well with the others.

You can use almost any combination of the FCOM plugins you want, provided you have already installed the master files they rely on (OOO, Fran, MMM, WarCry, and Bob's). For example, if you don't want to use WarCry or Bob's, then don't install those support files -- your game will CTD on launch if you do (since the required masters will be missing).

Major Changes in 0.8.9 through 0.9.3

If you are upgrading from a very old version of FCOM (0.8.9 or earlier) to a recent version (0.9.0 or later), you must take some additional upgrade steps to avoid problems.

Installing Supported Mods

Fran's, OOO, and MMM are not simple mods to install because each of them includes a lot of options. Here are some guidelines that may help.

Oscuro's Installation
During installation of Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul, you can normally use either the FULL version or LITE version, but currently the OOO 1.34 Beta does not include the LITE version. This will be fixed in future releases so you can once again use the LITE version of OOO.

If you do not already have OOO installed, then download and install the 1.35 BSA package and add the 1.35 Plugins.

If you're upgrading a previous install of OOO, make sure you have installed the 1.3 base files (~400Mb download) before installing the 1.33 Upgrade and the 1.34 Beta 5 Patch.

If you're using the latest version of FCOM, then you should use OOO 1.35 or later. See the OOO Quick Start Guide for details on how to correctly install OOO.

Let's go over that again. If you're upgrading a previous install of OOO, then you'll need the resources (meshes, textures, etc.) from OOO 1.35 BSA, plus the 1.35 plugins

If you're installing OOO for the first time, then you can simplify the process by instead downloading the a Complete edition that includes the OOO base resources, then adding any required patches. As with any recent version of OOO, you must load both Oscuro's_Oblivion_Overhaul.esm and Oscuro's_Oblivion_Overhaul.esp.

Martigen's Installation
During installation of Martigen's Monster Mod, you only need to install the resource files, the base Mart's Monster Mod.esm file, and whichever extras (add-ons) you want. Do not use Mart's Monster Mod.esp, Mart's Monster Mod for Francesco's.esp, Mart's Monster Mod for OOO.esp, Mart's Monster Mod for OOO.esm, or Mart's Monster Mod for FCOM.esp (it only works with FCOM 8.8 or earlier). You'll need to use FCOM_Convergence.esp or FCOM_ConvergenceNoFran.esp instead of any of those plugins. Also, do not use the Durability & Damage option, the Diverse Imperial Armor option, the Diverse Creature Skins option, or the Fran's Leveled Quests option -- these are all either integrated into the main FCOM_Convergence.esp plugin, or have been replaced by FCOM optional plugins, or are handled by OOO.

If you do not want to use Fran's mod at all, then you can use FCOM_ConvergenceNoFran.esp instead of FCOM_Convergence.esp. FCOM_ConvergenceNoFran.esp is almost identical to the most recent version of Mart's Monster Mod for OOO.esp. However, if you use FCOM_ConvergenceNoFran.esp then you will not be able to use some of the option files that specifically require FCOM_Convergence.esp.

The latest version of MMM may be a patch, and if so it will requires a previous complete install of MMM. If you forget to install all the resources needed for MMM then you will encounter many large yellow exclamation marks and/or invisible creatures in the world (places where the new MMM base artwork is needed). The upgrade process is simplified if you start with a complete version of MMM.

MMM options that alter creature spawn lists -- such as Spawn Rates - Reduced Reduced (SRRR), Spawn Rates - Increased (SRI), No Giants, No Werewolves, etc. -- are all fine to use with FCOM. However, some of the MMM option files have now been replaced with FCOM-specific versions that work better for FCOM. This means you should use the FCOM versions of options like Spawn Rates - Reduced (SRR), No Spiders, Safer Roads, No Wyverns, and any other new replacements instead of the MMM versions of these. Also, you will need to load them in the proper order and make sure they are selected in the Bashed Patch. Otherwise they will have no effect. See the FCOM Standard Load-Order page for details on how to use these.

This bears repeating: if an FCOM-specific replacement exists for any of the MMM option files, use the FCOM version instead. There are only a few released so far. See FCOM Optional Add-Ons for details on some of the FCOM-specific versions. The others are fairly self-explanatory and are only listed on the Load-Order page.

If you run into any problems with enemies turning black during combat, then you need some alternate blood textures. The MMMMediumTexturePack includes fixes for this.

The MMM option files for No Carrion Rats and No Undead Rise are not based on spawn list changes, so they should not be marked as Levelers.

MMM option files that add new creatures/bandits do not need to be marked as Levelers, so these plugins will usually not show up in the Leveled Lists section of the Bashed Patch config. This is correct. New additions are always automatically merged in by Wrye Bash without any special effort by the user and regardless of whether they are shown in the Leveled Lists config. Good examples here are the MMM addons for bats, foxes, and NPC variants.

Francesco's Installation
Many users forget to download the ~500Mb Fran Optional Items Add-on file. This file is critical because it contains the BSA for all of the new items -- you'll see large yellow exclamation marks everywhere without it. Also, the Fran BSA file must be registered in your Oblivion.ini or forced to load some other way.

Note that because people often need to regenerate their Oblivion.ini file, in the long run it's preferable to use the "other way" to keep it loading, as described at the end of this section on Francesco's Installation.

During installation of Fran's base mod, we recommend the following options:

Shivering Isles version(Optional)
Hardcore Loot
Separate files
(Required! CRITICAL!)
Living Economy(Optional; Never use at the same time as standalone LE!)
Optional items add-on
(Recommended! Requires separate BSA download!)
Optional chance of more enemies (Only if you picked SI option)
Optional chance of stronger bosses (Required)
Optional chance of stronger enemies
Optional leveled guards(Only if you picked SI option)

NOTE: The files marked required above must be installed even for a non-SI setup!

You can also use the day-length timer and respawn timer options from Fran's or from OOO, but it's probably better to set these options in your Bashed Patch.

Do NOT use ANY other Fran files except these.

If you picked the Shivering Isles options, then you should also use a Francesco-compatible version of the Unofficial Shivering Isles Patch. For details, see the Unofficial Shivering Isles Patch entry in the FCOM Compatibility Guidelines

One of the most frequent questions from players has been how to configure Francesco's Leveled Creatures-Items mod. The standard configuration doesn't gain much by using any of Fran's options, but you can get a lot out of Fran's recent additions for Shivering Isles. Francesco's 4.5 (or later) versions add some great changes to the SI expansion. If you have the SI expansion and you want to use Fran's changes there, you can do this with FCOM using these instructions.

The above configuration gives you Francesco's changes for SI if you have it and leaves OOO and MMM as the dominant mods in Cyrodiil.

Keeping the Fran Optional Items Add-On BSA file loaded is a very common problem, so I highly recommend taking a little extra time now to avoid this problem in the long run. Here's the simple process to avoid this problem

  1. Make a copy your Shivering Isles.esp file and rename it to Oblivion.esp. Or, make a new blank esp with a single item in it and name it Oblivion.esp.
  2. Change the name of FraNewItems.bsa to Oblivion - FraNewItems.bsa.
  3. As long as your Oblivion.esp is active, then your renamed Oblivion - FraNewItems.bsa file will always get loaded automatically because the names match. This is the same method used by Bethesda to load BSAs for all of the DLC mods.

This avoids any problems with the .ini file. The FCOM Setup FAQ includes additional tips about this.

WarCry Installation
During installation of Oblivion WarCry, make sure you install the English version (Oblivion WarCry EV.esp). Do not use the regular WarCry plugin (it's in German). Make sure you also install the WarCry 1.085b patch, especially if you use an Nvidia graphics card.

When you're done installing all of the supported mods, please double-check your files to make sure you didn't leave out anything critical, such as Fran's huge items BSA file.

Things that should NOT be in your active mods list (because they either will have no effect or are not compatible):

Francesco's optional new creatures add-on.esm <- included in MMM.
Francesco's Optional Files.esp <- use "separate files" option.
Mart's Monster Mod.esp <- use FCOM_Convergence.esp instead.
Mart's Monster Mod for OOO.esm <- use FCOM_Convergence.esm instead.
Mart's Monster Mod for OOO.esp <- use FCOM_Convergence.esp instead.
Mart's Monster Mod for FCOM.esp <- only for old versions of FCOM.
Mart's Monster Mod for Francescos.esp <- use FCOM_Convergence.esp instead.
Mart's Monster Mod - Durability & Damage.esp <- redundant with OOO.
Mart's Monster Mod - Fran's Leveled Quests.esp <- redundant with OOO.
Mart's Monster Mod - Diverse Imperial Armor.esp <- problems with OOO guards.
Mart's Monster Mod - Diverse Creature Skins.esp <- already integrated into FCOM.
Oblivion WarCry.esp <- the correct plugin is Oblivion WarCry EV.esp (the English Version).

Load Order

This is repeated here because it's so critical! Before you start, please read Setting the Load Order. Really. The whole thing. Even if you think you know what you're doing. You've been warned. Good. With that out of the way, we can continue.

  • FCOM Basic Load-Order. This is the basic, minimal configuration guide for FCOM 9.7 or later versions. Does not include details on the option files.
  • FCOM Expanded Load Order. This is a much more advanced and complex configuration guide for FCOM 9.7 or later versions -- including details on all of the option files.

These are examples based on the options I use in my game. Your list of choices will almost certainly look a bit different. See General Load-Order Guidelines for additional suggestions.

Bashed Patch

The Bashed Patch creates the real magic behind FCOM. Without it, none of these big mods will work together. It's also one of the most intimidating aspects of FCOM for many users. Fortunately, it's really not as complex as it may seem at first. With a little bit of patience and reading, you can master it.

The Bashed Patch is also incredibly powerful for many other uses, such as setting general Oblivion tweak options, merging race mods like Beautiful People, and merging the awesome NPC faces from Tamriel NPCs Revamped (there's a great set of instructions for merging TNR here).

So let's get started! Here's a step-by-step walkthrough of the process. (Once you do this a few times, it will seem completely intuitive and you'll wonder why you ever thought it was so intimidating.)

If you are starting a new savegame after installing FCOM, then you can skip steps #1, and #8. If you have a recent version of Wrye Bash, you can skip steps #4 and #5. The other steps are required.

1. First, go to a safe location in the game, sleep/wait for respawn, and save your progress. This clears all loaded NPCs and creatures from active memory so they can be loaded with updated stats and gear next time you load that savegame. However, not all locations are safe to wait for respawn. For example, sleeping in your Imperial City Shack is not the best choice for getting a complete respawn -- nor are any of the vanilla player homes -- especially if you're experiencing problems with any NPCs nearby, such as guards. The cells adjacent to your home will not respawn while you rest there. It's much better to go into the wilderness (or anywhere you haven't been in a very long time) and wait there for respawn (then fast travel to some other location far away after the upgrade process is complete).

Or, if you want a completely safe location to wait for respawn, use the console command ~coc TestingHall and wait there (it's safe because it's not connected to anything). When you load the game back up after finishing the upgrade, you can again use the console to return to the normal world by doing ~cow Tamriel, 11,20 (takes you close to the starter dungeon exit) or go through the door to Hawkhaven and fast travel from there. You can use the Cell Grid Map to find other location codes.

But wait! Finish the rest of the upgrade steps before returning to the world!

2. The first actual step of the upgrade installation is to make sure you have installed Wrye Bash v118 or later. Older versions since 0.59 work, too, but the procedure is a bit different, so you'll have to look elsewhere for instructions about how to use older versions.

3. Once you have Wrye Bash installed, find the Bashed Patch, 0.esp that came with Wrye Bash and copy it into your \Oblivion\Data\ directory. Make sure it's set to load last in Wrye Bash (you may want to set it to have a date in the future, like the year 2011 or something, so no other plugins will ever load after it). The only known exception to this rule at present is the mod Deadly Reflex, which has some components that should load after the Bashed Patch (see the readme from Deadly Reflex for details).

4. If you use Wrye Bash 219 or later, it will automatically tag any Mergeable Patches for you when you start it. This feature is extremely useful if you want to keep your list of active mods as short as possible (to speed load times and/or avoid the max 254 plugins limit). If you don't want to use the Mergeable Patches feature in Wrye Bash at this point, you can skip down to Step 5. This great feature of Wrye Bash significantly reduces the number of patch plugins that you need to keep active by completely absorbing many patch plugins into your Bashed Patch. This means that several of the FCOM plugins no longer need to be active as long as they are used in the Bashed Patch.

Using this feature will add the {{BASH: Merge) tag to the description fields of all plugins that are mergeable (not all plugins are mergeable). The text on the Merge-tagged plugin filenames will turn green. You can leave all of these Merge-tagged plugins inactive and then "virtually activate" them in the Bashed Patch config. After you activate your Bashed Patch (we'll get to that shortly), these Merge-tagged plugins will get a special [+] mark to indicate that they are "virtually active", meaning they have been merged into the Bashed Patch. If the Bashed Patch is not active or you look at your load order in OBMM, etc., then you will see that these "virtually active" plugins do not show as being active, which helps to keep your plugin count as low as possible.

To start the Merge process in older versions of Wrye Bash, shift-select your entire mod list (except for the Bashed Patch itself), then right-click anywhere in the list and select Mark Mergeable.

5. If you have an older version of Wrye Bash, then you'll need to run the Mark Levelers command at least once before doing Rebuild Patch. If you have a recent version, it happens automatically and you can skip ahead to Step 6. To do it manually, shift-select your entire mod list (except for the Bashed Patch itself) in Wrye Bash, then right-click anywhere in the list and select Mark Levelers. This will add the proper Bash Relev/Delev tags to the description fields of your plugins. These tags tell Wrye Bash how to properly merge the plugins from various other mods (you can use this same procedure even if you don't use FCOM). The FCOM plugins are already marked properly, but doing this step is still a good idea.

The Mark Levelers command sets the new proper tags for most other mods that need tags. Most likely you'll find that only a few other plugins besides those from FCOM got marked as Levelers. This is normal and perfectly acceptable. You don't need to worry about manually marking any other plugins.

6. Now you'll need to actually create the patch. To do this, simply right-click on the Bashed Patch, 0.esp and select Rebuild Patch. This will give you a menu with a bunch of patch options. Configure any options you want. All of the necessary FCOM files will be correctly configured in the Leveled Lists section without any further action required. Just make sure you activate the Leveled Lists section of the Bashed Patch config by placing a checkmark next to Leveled Lists (if it doesn't have one already). If you're in a hurry, you can just click OK at this point, then let it process for a bit and you're almost done!

If you want to spend a bit more time configuring the other great Bashed Patch options such as the Mergeable Patches from Step 4, then do that before clicking OK. FCOM plugins that are not active and have not been marked as Mergeable will not be processed, so it's usually a good idea to spend a few minutes tweaking the various configuration options before you click OK.

At a minimum, the Leveled Lists section of the config should show the following plugins (assuming you used all the base FCOM options):


You'll also see most of the MMM spawn options you picked here, such as No Giants, No Spiders, etc. You will not see any plugins that just add new content since that type of mod doesn't need to be handled as a Leveler.

Unlike earlier versions of Wrye Bash, you do not need to worry much about whether all the correct plugins are listed here as long as you followed the Mark Levelers instructions in Step 5. For example, if you are using an expanded load order, then the Leveled Lists section of the config will probably be much longer. It may look more like this (an example based on a configuration for Shivering Isles):

Francesco's Leveled Creatures-Items Mod.esm
Francesco's Optional New Items Add-On.esm
Unofficial Oblivion Patch.esp
Francesco's Optional Chance of Stronger Bosses.esp
Francesco's Optional Chance of Stronger Enemies.esp
Francesco's Optional Chance of More Enemies.esp
Francesco's Optional Leveled Guards.esp
Oblivion WarCry EV.esp
Mart's Monster Mod - No xxx.esp

Things you will typically see listed here include the MMM optional plugins for Spawn Rates - Reduced (SRR), Spawn Rates - Reduced Reduced (SRRR), and Spawn Rates - Increased (SRI), No Giants, No Spiders, Safer Roads, and No Werewolves.

The end result of all this work with Levelers is that you will now be able to find enemies and items -- such as Spell Tomes, etc. -- that just wouldn't show up before when using one of the major overhauls.

Once the Bashed Patch has been generated, you'll get a complete report of everything that was merged into it. You can double-check this report to make sure everything worked the way you want it to.

7. Activate your new Bashed Patch! If you used the Mergeable Patches feature from Step 3, then as soon as you activate the Bashed Patch you'll see the special [+] marks next to all of your "virtually active" patch plugins.

8. If you want to use an existing savegame, then you must update your savegame using Update NPC Levels. See "Update Your Savegame" section below.

9. Launch the game and play.

If you get a Crash to Desktop (CTD) during the initial launch, then you almost certainly forgot to install one of the required master files. See the FCOM Setup FAQ for details on this. You'll have to either install the missing files or remove any FCOM options that require the missing files and then repeat the Bashed Patch process. Fortunately, it gets a lot easier after the first few times.

As you continue adding other mods or updates in the future, it's usually a good idea to repeat the Rebuild Patch process (just Step 6) so that any necessary merges will be updated. Also, you'll want to make sure your Bashed Patch continues to be the very last plugin in your load order after adding new stuff (OBMM, for example, will automatically add new plugins to the end of the load order unless you set a config option to keep it from doing this).

If other new mods or FCOM updates make significant changes to NPC levels, then it's a good idea to Update NPC Levels again after rebuilding your patch.

Update Your Savegame

FCOM includes many important NPC level changes, so if you want to use an existing savegame you MUST use Wrye Bash to Update NPC Levels. This is necessary because some NPC data (stats, level, HP, etc.) gets stored in your savegame, which will override any changes made by plugins unless you use Update NPC Levels to replicate the plugin changes into your savegame.

If you are starting a new character from scratch, then you should first get everything set up, create the Bashed Patch, then create a new character. If you start a new character after completing the FCOM configuration and Bashed Patch, then you will automatically get all the correct NPC data in your savegame, which means there's no reason to Update NPC Levels -- it's only necessary when adding or updating FCOM on an existing savegame.

Fortunately, the update process is now very easy with Wrye Bash v118 or later. Go to the Saves tab, right-click a savegame (or select several and then right-click) and select Update NPC Levels. It will automatically fix your savegame with the necessary changes based on your load order. Just be sure your load order is correct first!

If you have an older version of Wrye Bash (prior to v105), then the process is more involved. For example, to get Fran's Shivering Isles NPC changes to work on an existing savegame, you must use Wrye Bash to Import NPC Levels from each of the Fran mods first -- then do the same from OOO, then from FCOM_Convergence.esp. This sequence of Imports will give you Fran's changes for SI stuff and OOO/FCOM changes for everything else.

In older versions of Bash, the sequence in which you do the Import NPC Levels should match your load order. So, given the load order detailed above, the complete sequence would be:

Francesco's Leveled Creatures-Items Mod.esm
Mart's Monster Mod.esm
Francesco's Optional Chance of Stronger Bosses.esp
Francesco's Optional Chance of Stronger Enemies.esp
Francesco's Optional Leveled Guards.esp
(or FCOM_ConvergenceNoFran.esp)

However, this complete list may be overkill. If you've done this in the past, or started a new game after already having these mods active, then you probably only need to pick up the most recent changes from FCOM_Convergence.esp.

Running FCOM Without Francesco's

You can now choose not to use Francesco's mod if you want, although I can't imagine why anyone would want to miss out on all his great new content. To do this, simply don't install Fran's mod and do not use any of the Fran support files.

In fact, if you do want Fran's new items and SI rebalance, but don't want his named bosses, then you can install Fran's mod as normal (including FCOM_Francescos.esp and FCOM_FrancescosItemsAddOn.esp) and simply leave out the included FCOM_FrancescosNamedBosses.esp.

Special Note on Diverse Creature Skins

The MMM - Diverse Creature Skins module is now integrated into FCOM_Convergence.esp -- the diverse skins are even used on many variants from OOO -- so it should not be used with FCOM 9.0 or later. If you do use it, you'll lose much of the creature unification work done in FCOM_Convergence.esp.

However, if you think some of the changes from Diverse Creature Skins are not showing up in your game for some reason, you can place Diverse Creature Skins early in the load order (before FCOM_Convergence.esp), mark it with {{BASH: Graphics}}, then activate it in the Bashed Patch (Graphics section).

To get the reverse effect (removing most of Diverse Creature Skins), you can mark the MMM.esm with {{BASH: Graphics}} and activate it in the Bashed Patch config. Although I can't imagine why anyone with a rig capable of running FCOM would want to do this, it will give you the non-diverse skins.

Here's a more detailed explanation of the process. To add a BASH tag, you need to edit the description field for the plugin. The description field is shown in the right-hand pane of Wrye Bash when you select a plugin. Enter {{BASH: Graphics}} in the description field for Diverse Creature Skins, then click Save (in the lower-right corner). If you forget to click Save, then your tag will be lost.

After doing this, when you Rebuild Patch, you'll now be able to see Diverse Creature Skins listed under the "Import Graphics" section of the Bashed Patch configuration interface. Activate Diverse Creature Skins there and click OK to finish the Rebuild Patch process. If you still don't see the diverse skins after this, then you may just have poor luck with encountering the non-standard creatures (this can happen, at least for a while, since the spawns are generated randomly).


NOTE: FormID Finder or RefScope are very useful plugins when using lots of mods. They let you check what comes from which mod in game. This is very helpful if you have any missing meshes or textures - or when you just want to know which mod a particular item comes from.

Issue: The game crashes on startup.
Solution: Make sure you don't have a missing master, which is easily checked in Wrye Bash as the plugin with a missing master turns red. If it isn't caused by missing masters, try deleting the Oblivion.ini in My Documents/My Games/Oblivion and let the game generate a new one on startup. Some users also get CTD's on startup if having FCOM_Convergence.esp checked under Import Actors: Spells in the Bashed Patch, so if the above doesn't help try rebuilding the Bashed Patch with FCOM_Convergence.esp unchecked in that section.

Issue: Captain Renault's armor is invisible.
Solution: You're either missing resources from OOO or from a female mesh replacer if using one. If using EVE HGEC, make sure you install the resources for OOO and the other FCOM mods you're using.

Issue: I get missing meshes from Rusty items in the starting dungeon.
Solution: You're missing resources from MMM. Make sure that the MMM.bsa is renamed to FCOM_Convergence_MartsMonsterMod.bsa.

Issue: The game crashes when leaving the sewers.
Solution: Almost always caused by missing resources. Make sure that the MMM.bsa is renamed to FCOM_Convergence_Mart's Monster Mod.bsa. Also, make sure that the resources from Francesco's get loaded, either by registering FraNewItems.bsa in the Oblivion.ini during install or by renaming it to FCOM_Convergence_FraNewItems.bsa.

Issue: Dead enemies have green bodies.
Solution: You're missing resources from MMM. Make sure that the MMM.bsa is renamed to FCOM_Convergence_Mart's Monster Mod.bsa.

Issue: Some creatures or armors etc. are invisble.
Solution: Might be missing resources (see above). Also, make sure you're running BSA Redirection either via Wrye Bash or OBMM.


Cleitanious has created a great test module for FCOM (actually it will work even with vanilla Oblivion, but he made it to help test this mod, for which I am very grateful). It's in the TestResource subdirectory and is named 300_Test.esp.

If you load up the game with 300_Test.esp active, you will automatically be teleported to the first testing room.

There are 30 different test cells in all. Each cell includes different containers and spawn points. The spawns are behind an invisible barrier so you can examine the creatures/NPCs behavior, faction aggression, AI, etc. safely.

Use the console command "coc 300TestCell00" through 29 to view them all. The first few cells may not have any spawns since they contain adventurer spawn lists, which have a high "chance of none".

Each cell also has a sigil stone that will respawn each cell except the one you are currently in. So, if you need to re-test a certain spawn multiple times, just coc to the next room, hit the sigil stone, then coc back.

Every spawn point and loot chest are there, so you should see everything except Dremora currently (this will soon change).

The point of all this is it gives an easy way to test for Bashed List problems, check spawn counts, check faction aggression, check whether bandits attack the bandit leader, etc.

Don't forget to deactivate 300_Test.esp when you're done testing and want to continue with regular playing.

Version History

There's a separate Version History page now!


Team Alpha: past and present

dev_akm -- project leader.
Martigen -- original MMM for FCOM design and WarCry faction integration.
Waalx -- original RealSwords modules and new Undead RealSwords used as the basis for FCOM_RealSwords.
StarX -- FCOM FAQ, user guide, and tons of help maintaining the ESF thread!
nb_nmare -- Unity project.
Wrye and ElminsterEU -- critical tools.
Vini -- WarCry and MMM faction integration, trailer.
Shadowborn -- massive script improvements, bugfixes.
Corepc -- help with everything
Showler -- tons of bugfixes and help on forum threads.
Cleitanious -- test module.
SpaceBoy -- Bob's Armory rebalance.
Shikishima - bugfixes, maintainance of the FCOM UESP, massive help with maintainance of the ESF threads.
Sein_Schatten -- Runeskulls rebalance, Entropic Order, bugfixes.
ElminsterEU -- Slof's Robe Trader integration.
Random007 -- BOSS load-order setup utility.
Lilith -- updates to Martigen's Monster Mod.
Axil -- support patch for KDCircletsOOOOptimized - NPC Equip.
Arkgnt-- extensive beta testing, massive help maintaining the ESF threads
daemondarque--advanced beta tester, armour mesh improvements, help maintaining the ESF threads.
Sen-chan--armour mesh improvements
Beta Testers: markb50k, Vini, Cleitanious, StarX, Corepc, Chambertain, SickleYield, cl526, kumkum, ska8tdude, SpaceBoy, LurksInShadow, Psyringe, Arkngt, XD829, Twipley, lollerich, jdayT, Dazu, Eventine Shangea, Skycaptain, Tobit, showler, Axil, Jaded42, Shikishima, Shikamaru_4, Sein_Schatten, Chewu, Lyrondor, daemondarque, bg2408, PacificMorrowind and many more.
Entropic Order credits: created by Sein_Schatten. Contributors included dev_akm (testing, balancing, and spawn control), Nicoroshi (Dreadweave set), blackshark64 (Dragon Armor), commissardan (Rivan Sword), TaylorSD (stealth armor compilation), Cryo_ (face mask), LHammonds (texture modifications to stealth armor and face mask), Painkiller97 (Morrowind-style Ebony sword and shield), and zman (Negotiator sword).

Wait, there's a lot more!

In addition to the core team working on this mod, a lot of other folks have contributed greatly. I don't really even know where to begin.

The real heroes, of course, are the original creators of all the great mods integrated by FCOM: Sotobrastos, Martigen, Newcomer24, L@zarus, and Mr. Dave. You guys rock!

Martigen deserves special recognition because he spent many long hours discussing various ideas and technical details with me, in addition to supporting the project directly with the MMM for FCOM plugin.

Huge thanks go to all of the creators of the fantastic mods supported by the optional add-ons, but especially to nb_nmare for the Unity project and to Quarn and Kivan for the Unofficial Oblivion Patch (which is required for some of the optional add-ons and is probably used in some that don't specifically require it).

I also owe a huge debt to ElminsterEU and his fantastic TES4Edit program. I never would've had the time to make all the optional add-on plugins with TESCS, even if it were technically possible (which is doubtful).

None of this would work without the massive contributions of Wrye and his amazing Wrye Bash program.

We also could not have done any of this without ScripterRon's original TES4 Plugin Utility and KomodoDave's improvements in TES4Gecko.

Also, a huge thank-you is owed to the many beta testers who have offered support, encouragement, and feedback for the numerous beta versions. Thanks so much for all your help!

- dev_akm